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Hey friends!!  Happy Friday! We are on our way out of town for the weekend.  I am excited to take a day off even if it's to go watch basketball!  HA!!

So today I have a super fun card and video.  I created this video for my niece's birthday and was thankful I got to give it to her last weekend when she was here.

Balloon Adventures Shaker Card

I LOVE this bundle from Stampin Up!  And these are going to be my Go-To birthday items for awhile now!!  YAY!!


Check out my video HERE.


And then get your Stampin Up goodies HERE.





Stampin’ Up! Valentine’s Cards

Hey guys!!  And Happy Saturday!

I snuck in a little play time with my new SU goodies I talked about last week.  I love this border die!!  So CUTE!! 

SU Valentine

Today is the last day to purchase any goodies on my party this month, so if you want in, CLICK HERE to shop on Bonny‚Äôs site! Use the Hostess Code  WPW3J3RB



These dies are going to be a great addition to my stash!!  Love them!!  And this card is just so pretty!! 



We are enjoying a quiet day around home.  Life is so much easier without sports interfering.  It will last about another month and wrestling starts.  HA!  So I am enjoying time at home!!  I got things ready for the week here online and maybe now a nap! 

Thanks for the visit today friends!! 

Faith Friday | 3.25.16

Hi there friends!!

Before I get going, I wanted to pop on and chat.  I had big plans for this week to share all kinds of things and then I got sick.  My family is pretty good at sharing.  Thankfully we are off school, but I've had no energy.  What I have had it put into getting ready for our Easter weekend. 

I am feeling better and hoping to spend some time in the craft room, but   just didn't get to finish up the Easter projects I wanted to  do. 

Today is Faith Friday here on the blog, and I'm here to say I love this new feature!!  It's really getting me thinking and reading and growing.  YAY!

It's also Good Friday and a wonderful season to be celebrating!! I love Easter. 


So, I do not have a video or anything extra to share with you.  I guess I will share some photos of the cards I created from the Created to Create Stamp set.  I had these on my mind the whole time I was wanting to order them. 


I based them off the cover of the devotional that came with the kit.  I loved the look of it and wanted to re create it for cards. 

I started by stamping out all of the images.  I just placed them on a clear block and repeated stamping them, turning the block.  Then I added some quick color to them with my Copics.  I added the super thin Washi tape from CTMH and then added the sentiment.  I also added a heart to the sentiment as well. 


I also stamped the Pray. Color. Repeat. sentiment on the backs of all the cards. 

This will be going to my Stamp Club ladies this week at club. 

I was trying to share all their cards on YouTube as well, but I haven't been there the last couple times to gather up cards!!   



I did want to share something that has been on my heart and mind for quite some time.  And I feel like discovering the craft of Bible Journaling has brought this to the forefront again. 

One of my struggles has been with how I spend my time.  And how I think my time should be spent.  I wasted a lot of time doing things because I felt like that is what I should be doing, rather than doing it for the right reasons.  I'm not nailing down any one subject here, but in a very broad term.  Mainly that I've felt selfish or guilty because I wanted to spend more time in the craft room.  Or I wanted to spend more time just hanging out and watching movies with my family. Small things like that.  And guilt pops in and says you should be cleaning.  You should be helping so and so.  Or if you have time to do that, you should have signed up to help with blah, blah, blah...  Those kind of things.

I feel that I've grown in that area, and came to realize that I need to cut out that feeling of guilt.  I've changed a lot of what I'm doing in life, and changed how I spend my time.  More importantly, how I FEEL about how I spend my time.  I'm not longer worried that I said no to helping anyone, because I wanted to go home and watch Netflix.  Or whatever.  I'm just giving a hypothetical answer.  Ok? 

I have to say that this little Created to Create Kit has been a blessing to me.  I feel like I was created this way, with purpose to be creative.  Those were the talents God gave me.  And for a reason.  I am getting to share His Word with you through my creative talents.  And I can enjoy the process without the guilt.  I have a hard time believing that God would give me this passion for the craft only to make me feel guilty for using it. 

I look forward to finding something new to share with you, because it's challenging me to dig deeper as well.  And in the end, I get to satisfy my need for creativity. 

I hope you enjoyed this week's chat!!  I can't wait to celebrate the Easter weekend with my family. 

And I will talk to you again soon!

Cuppa Tea

Hi friends!!  Thank you for visiting my area of the web. 

I do have a Faith Friday post coming up later today, and I was able to create another Bible Journaling video for you.  I have snuck in quite a bit of crafty time this week, so I have a lot to share!

This morning, I'm sharing some new Stampin Up goodies I got.  The bought the entire Cuppa collection this month! The cute stamp set and dies, plus the matching papers and the lil charms!! 


I am playing along with the Global Design Challenge for the week, which was a color scheme.  Color schemes and me do not always fair so well, but adding the pop of yellow with the grays was actually fun. 

I stamped the lemon wedge on the yellow paper and heat embossed it with clear EP.  The white polka dot paper is from the coordinating pad. 

Then I die cut the tea kettle and super cute squiggly do design.  I added some distressing to the edges so that it didn't look so flat. 


I didn't look the set over very well, so I grabbed the stamp that is from the tea bag and stamped it.  This one had writing on it, so I attempted to cover it up with some gems.  lol.  While putting everything away, I saw another blank tag.  DOH! 

I had this silver cording left over from the holidays so I tied my charm on with it.  I was determined to use EVERY lil thing!!  HA!!

Global Design Project #025 Colour Challenge

I am excited to share this card with you today!!  It's been on my desk for a couple days and makes me smile each time!  I am a bit ahead in my swap cards, but I do think this might be one that I reproduce for club! 

OK, I am off.  Check back later for my Faith Friday post.



January Stamp Club Cards

Hi friends,

I had this idea in December after our Monthly Stamp Club party, to share the cards here with you all.  The ladies in our group are all super talented in their cards.  I explain more in the video! 





Bonny's Stampin Up Site

All Boxed Up Kit - Mary made

All comments left here or on YouTube will be shared with the ladies at the next club meeting!! 


I am home from work today, but heading out to help my mom.  I wasn't sure where she would be at today so I planned to have the day off to help.  As it turns out, she is doing SO AMAZING!!  It's truly a blessing that we are all thankful for.  So I am just going to take her into town and help her get a few things done this morning.  Then tackle a few things at home.

Tomorrow, McKinley and I are headed to a Sweethearts Bazaar in Glasgow to sell cards and other items.  I have over 180 regular cards plus some other items!!  I have never done this bazaar, but I have done others in Glasgow that have been really good for me. 

I will take lots of pictures and share on Monday.  And I think IF there is anything left, I might re do my etsy store. 


Enjoy your Friday friends!!


Life Updates

Hi there friends!!

 Happiest of Fridays! 

Family Updates

We are still in mid season of regular high school ball... but NO GAMES this weekend!  Praise!!  Tonight we are celebrating my great Aunt's 97th birthday.  Tomorrow I am hosting my Card Buffet and we might head to town for another birthday party. But otherwise, I feel so free!!  HA!! 

Both RC and McKinley are starting up their travel teams, and are excited, even if it's just beginning. 

I do think, that by mid April, I might have a free weekend of EVERYTHING sports related.  Tis the Season of life, right?  I wouldn't want anything else. 

I do have to say, tho, it's really cut into my watching of The Walking Dead and being caught up on the series before the new episodes air.  HA.  I am hoping for some Netflix and Crafts tomorrow.  HA!! 


Have you all found the Adult Coloring books?  I picked up this one at Walmart and I have to say, it's fun to have.  This particular night, RC was working on a lot of homework, and rather than play on my Kindle, I colored.   


Speaking of Netflix, have you watching Making a Murderer?  Thoughts?  We have two episodes left, and while I know it's from HIS point of view, it's still got me fired up!! 



Healthy Living Update

As I shared at the beginning of the year, I kicked things up in 2015 regarding my weight and health.  Since the New Year, our school group joined up with the Shape Up MT program.  Last year, even though I helped little, we won the weight loss group for the whole state!!  Plus, I got to know some of the other staff that I didn't know as well, due to our get togethers!    So I am looking forward to that.  One of them is currently doing the Sugar Detox I did this summer, and I planned to do that along with her but I wasn't very good the first week.  This week has been A LOT better!  Phew!

So not much to share as terms of loss or anything, but I want to keep updated on this on here.  I am also contemplating doing a Facebook Challenge group on the benefits of detoxing from Sugar.  I think after Super Bowl.  HA!  And I'll post here.






McKinley and I made these cute Fairy Jars thanks to Pinterest.  Now she is addicted!! 





Thank you for the visit.  Have a great day!! Have an amazing WEEKEND!!  BE FREE!!