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You are Fabulous

When I was messing around the other day, I noticed this image on the Cricut Artistry cart.  I hadn’t paid any attention before, but I knew that it would be awesome with some black cardstock and pop of pink.  I added some Shimmer Trim to make that even more fabulous!


Zebra Cards

This is Uber Simple.  And looks pretty.  So that is a win win!  HA!



Don’t forget this is National Papercrafting Month. BE sure to grab this beautiful kit when you are shopping this month!  I am hoping to get my 2016 album set up this weekend so I can share some ideas with you!!

Picture My Life & Instalife

Hi guys!!  How was your weekend? 

We were busy once again!!  Saturday we zipped up to Havre for R.C.'s basketball, before heading home to watch our football boys in the Playoffs.  Unfortunately, they lost out.  Sad end to our season, but they did so well all year.  They only lost to this one team, so that is pretty great!! 

Now today,  I got to be home ALL DAY and I was so busy with house stuff.  However, I did fit in some time to film this video showing  you some of what CTMH has for Pocket Scrapbooking. 




I'm linking up the goods I showed down below.  Check them all out!  And Shop HERE.

I can't wait to show you more with these great products.


Picture My Life Pages | National Stamping Month

Hi again!!

I recently caught myself up on my pocket scrapbooking pages.  I wanted to say, I have always used and will probably still use the terms Project Life.  CTMH uses pocket scrapbooking and their line is called Picture My Life.  You can find all of their lines by clicking the link HERE.


When it comes to my albums, I just document as I go.  I do not do weekly or daily, I just do what we did as we go.  Some days, I have tons of photos and I want them all in.  Some weeks I do not take many photos at all.  So I just document what I thought was important in our life at the time. 


I used all three of the sets from the National Stamping Month Hello Life sets. 

PML M's Birthday

I choose to work with Glacier as my color as it matched McKinley’s shirt she wore that day.  It made me smile that the star, heart and the banner image also had chevron to match her shirt. 

PML Ms Birthday details

Make sure you click on each image to see it larger and more details. 


Make sure you pick up these fun sets before they are gone!! 



Thanks for stopping in. 

Project Life | The App

Hey there friends!

I shared this post here about my Project Life update and the purchase of the app.  I think I told you then too, that I purchased it because it was free for one day.  And since then, I’ve paid attention when some of the kits were 99 cents. 

You can’t get much for that anymore.



Simply, I made these layouts to try out the App.  The photos that I took at my brothers house, I created a couple pages on the drive home.  It was super easy, and then those moments were documented. 

Where is my Easy Button?


I used a couple of photos that were emailed to me, and app told me that the resolution was low.  However, I can’t tell.  They look amazing!  I am very pleased. 

12x12 prints are $1.99 each.  If you choose to do 8x8 prints, they are $0.99.  Not bad really, when you think about the cost of the photos to be printed as well as the cost of paper materials. 

I haven’t done much else for research on other pricing options yet.  I did find out – or hear through the grapevine – that Stampin Up! is no longer going to offer My Digital Studio.  When I first looked into printing, what I had seen was that a lot of people were using MDS. 


I also do not think that I would completely go to digital, but I honestly can not think of an easier way to document your PL album.  My problem is that I love the stuff I can see and play with in real life!!  I do think that should I get any farther behind or have any bigger events, I’m going to use the App to get them finished out. 


I had gotten a new computer and I am still having trouble getting my photos to print out well.  It’s kind of a glitch that is not letting me use my program right.  So I’m working on it to get caught up.  But these pages will be a fun addition to my  PL album. 



These two 12x12 pages shown were just in with my order.  It gives you a bit of a peek at what the cards would look like printed.  I’m very happy with the quality.  And happy here for the freebie I can use in my album! 

Random Bits | Project Life Update

Hey all!!  Happy Friday.

I have been on the go quite a bit lately, my free time is scarce.  I was thinking about the blog yesterday, and I thought I’m out enjoying life, so I can’t feel bad about not having anything new for you to see.  However, I miss sharing when I don’t blog. 

I did want to share  a couple things with you today tho.  Mostly about Project Life and then some other new goodies I have gotten lately.


I finally got the Project Life App on my iphone.  To be honest, I wasn’t really interested in it, but it was free on St. Patrick’s Day.  So I thought I would look into it. 

I have to say, it’s super easy and a lot of fun to do.    I could easily see myself using this each week and Bam!!  be done!!  Yet, part of me loves the actual stuff that I can play with and see and be more creative with.

Another part of me has guilt that I have this room full of stuff and I should use it. 


I did mess around and created this spread from last weekend.  This is what our weekends look like now – basketball.  Bleacher Butt.  However, we had some great friends visiting too and we enjoyed time with them.  The guys played some pool while we waited 2 hours for our meal. 

2 hours.  Really. 


The app also lets you create collages like this one.  I can see me doing more of these with the app and just printing them 4x6 for my book. 


Anyway – I looked into printing costs for this option, and on the app, it’s $1.99 for a 12x12 layout.  I looked around and saw that some ladies are using My Digital Studio from Stampin’ Up and getting them at cost.  They never did say what that price was.  Anyone know?

I do think that I will make a few layouts this way and get them all printed at once.  Shipping is $6.99 so I need to make it worth it.  Maybe save them up and wait for a free shipping offer? 



I also made a choice to try out the Gossamer Blue Life Pages Kits for awhile.  I know I had said that I wasn’t going to buy anything for PL, but I caved.  They are very pretty. 

I’ll try them a couple months and see what  I think. 

One problem I have found with kits, is simply that they tend to go pretty and coordinate, and it doesn’t always work with my photos.  We will see. 



This is the current state of my desk.  I set up shop to get caught up on PL and I’m not taking it down til I do.  I am going to finish up a bit tonight, and then I’ll be caught up. 

Honestly, the mess drives me batty. 



Also lately, I picked up the new Quick Stitch Kit from Papertrey Ink.  I have picked up all of their little stitching projects over the last couple years.  I was super happy to get some flower dies for it. 

I sat down and die cut a bunch of flowers from all my felts and then some other elements.  I’m hoping to take it with me this weekend to have something crafty to do while basketball is going on. 


So I have plenty to do – but no time to do it or share!! 

I think it will get better!! 

Project Life Updates

project LIfe Banner

I spent some time working on my album over the break.  Getting caught up on 2014 so I can start fresh with 2015. 


I plan to keep things similar to what I did in 2014, which is to just basically document the life we are living.  I do not plan to document weekly like some do.  I will document as we life and as things happen.  Some weeks are busy and some weeks are not. 

I should have plenty of supplies to last me quite awhile, but I do enjoy picking up a few new things here and there.  I don’t plan to embellish too much as that can ruin the pages and the books. However, I do want to get a little artsy here and there. 

I don’t want any added stress in doing this, so I’ll keep it as simple as possible. 


Here are a few pages from the last couple weeks of December.  McKinley’s program was Monday.  Wednesday we opened out Christmas Eve PJs and then went over to my moms for Christmas with her family. 

PL 101

PL 102

On Christmas day, mom and dad came over and we opened gifts. 


PL 103

Ha – I know that I am missing photos.  I ran out of good ones, but I later decided to add in a list of gifts we got. 

PL 104

This is the front side of an insert.

PL 105

We always celebrate with Greg’s family and Friday was the only time they would all be home.  We did an As Seen on TV Gift Exchange.  We had to buy something that was As Seen on TV.  It’s a family joke.  HA!  Everyone was giving their best infomercial pitch in order to GET someone to steal their gift!!


This was also the first time meeting our newest family member, William.  Then we played a couple round of Family Feud.  I do not think that we would do very well if this were the real thing.  As always the Losers have to pose for a photo to go on Facebook! 

We also played a round of Minute to Win It games.  These guys are all such great sports!! 

I am filling in the last couple photos from this week and then close up 2014 and prep for 2015. 

Projects | Thanks Pinterest!

Hey all -

I have been kind of quiet on the blog.  Life keeps me going, and I am ok with that. 

I've been focusing all of my spare time on the holidays.  I wanted to get all of my holiday shopping done before Thanksgiving.  And I finished on Black Friday.  YAY! 

I am calling this a Homemade Christmas.  So many of the things we are giving, we made.  I love that.  I just wish we would have started sooner. 


This is the blanket I made for McCoy - my nephew. 

I saw THIS POST on Pinterest and got inspired. 


I pulled out all of my greens and browns.  I wanted more of a country feel to it.   David said that I should have kept the brown roads all the same, but I really wanted more of a scrappy feel to it.  Maybe he was right.  HA!! 

Anyway, the brown strips are the roads that McCoy can drive his tractors on.  I found some cute little wooden cars for babies at a local store and added them with the quilt. 

I loved the idea of having the blanket to play on, yet snuggle with as well.  Multi uses.  How handy when out in the yard or something. 


I used my amazing Bernina and added his name to the M. 



Then I found this pin, and decided I could whip these cute little games up for my neice's daughter and her boyfriend's son. 


Not the greatest photo, but you get the picture.  I made Holden's with John Deere print and Harper's with grey chevron and pink and grey stripped flannel.    All three of my boys were mesmerized by this so I hope that the littles will be as well. 



In addition, I've finsihed up some projects previsouly shown for gifts.  I've been busy, but it's mostly been for fun!! 



I never got back on - I did end up finishing my cards for 2014.  Actually I've had them ready to mail for a couple weeks and they will go out today!  YAY!!  




Project Life | First Week of Summer

project LIfe Banner

I teased you with my Project Life set up, so I thought I’d share some layouts.

I’m printing out the last week’s photos as we speak.  Maybe this can work into a weekly thing.

Probably not.  Ha!

This is from the week of June 2nd.  Yeah – two spreads for the one week. It was busy.


This is our first full week off and the kids had friends out, went somewhere.  RC has a basketball camp. 

They started baseball.  We hit the pool for the first time. 




We finally moved the chickens to their home.  Which I should show you.

Some yard work.  Greg and I went to Helena for a couple days alone.

Other random daily stuff and the cat got a hair cut. 


The last two weeks – first of summer “break” – have been busy.

And hopefully I won’t jinx it by saying this week will be slow.  But unless it’s an emergency or baseball or stamp club tomorrow night, I do not see myself in town.  HA! 

We are working on that Summer Fun List and starting said American Girl Dollhouse. 


Enjoy your week! 

Project Life Update | Where I Work

Project LIfe Banner

I am still working away on my Project Life album.  And I think I’m loving it more now that ever. 

I do not use anything other than what I already have.  Last fall I went through all of my supplies and condensed my Project Life goodies into a couple small baskets. 

I cut up all of my Simple Stories papers and clipped them together. 

I also used up extra supplies and I made some premade journaling cards. 

I also came across a full box of page protectors so I am using them up as well. 

I do not do weekly pages anymore either.  I just go along.  And I like this style as well.  Mostly because in the winter, it's too hectic to keep up with everything.  This made getting my PL book done, much easier.

Also, some weeks are boring and other weeks are really busy.  I might have a whole spread from one event. 

For summer, I hope to set aside some time each week to print the week's photos and make a layout.  I'm hoping for Monday or Tuesday mornings. (I am working on it right now! HA!)

In that process, I tidied up my craft room for the summer surge.  We are all in here and it needs to function well for all our crafty messes. 

So this is my new area for Project Life. 

Well, this is before, where this area was a catch all for all my crappola. 

I cleaned it off and used my little cubbies to hold all my goods.  The only exception is the journaling cards.  I'm not sure yet, what to do with them.  Ideas?




I have quite a few of these 12x12 sticker sheets, so I hope to use them up too.

Having them out in the open is helping with that.


I like the little drawers for the smaller things.  A fun place to add treasures.



I am excited that more and more companies are producing so many new products for Project Life.  A couple I’m looking at right now are from Papertrey Ink and the new Stampin’ Up! line coming. 


I'll be back soon to share the last couple week's layouts with you. 

Thanks for stopping in.

Happy 2014!!


We are extremely low-key on this year’s New Year’s Celebrations. I spent part of last night in the kitchen working on my January Freezer Meals and then we had my parent’s over to play some games. 

I shared the final result of my December Daily album on the MemoryWorks blog on Monday. Sadly, there is no longer a company, as they were done on December 31st.  I was so happy to have been a part of the team this year, but at the same time life has changed for me creatively so I am OK with no longer having a team to be a part of.  Thankfully, I am still friends with the great ladies I met. 

Here are some pages, which I admit aren’t photographed really well. 

Katie Skiff, Dec. Daily pagesDecember Daily pagesKatie Skiff, Dec. Daily page 2December Daily Dec 23

I am missing some things but I used my ink on other things this week and didn’t get all my photos printed.  However, I’m super happy with how they turned out.  I am hopeful I’ll carry this on next year, but without the pressure to share it. 

We are hunkered in, enjoying the last day of vacation.  Yes, we go back to school tomorrow.  Sad smile  However, I am ready. 

I’m happy to say I used my time off wisely…I’ve gotten closets cleaned out, clothes to donate, the DVR cleaned up, enjoyed some great 80s flicks too, and have meals planned/in the freezer for the month ahead. 

Bring it on 2014!!