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DIY Washi Holder

Hi Friends!!

Today I have a fun DIY project for the craft room.  This came to me when I was at Stamp Club last month.  I was telling the ladies about how you could use an old Tin Foil box to hold your Washi Tapes.  As I was talking, I thought how fun to wrap some washi around the box so you could see what you had. 

And this happened….

Enjoy the video.



003004005DIY Washi Tape Dispenser

Thanks for checking in with me today! 

I've been busy on a couple new projects for this week.  Lots going on in the craft room and I can't wait to share it all with you guys!! 

Have a great Monday!!

Retro Bed

Well, sometimes even my ideas scare me.  But thankfully, my hubby goes along with them and we work it out. 


I really wanted to find McKinley an older style bed. 

My Pinterest inspiration:

#girls-bedroom Photography: White Loft Studio - Read More:


vintage iron bed



Thankfully, I knew where I could find a bed like I wanted.  In the Cabin. 

Well, I didn’t know that the mice had gotten into the matress and mom and dad put the bed outside.  A few years ago.  So weather and horses took their toile on it. 

As in, I didn’t even want to share the  before. 

However, Greg took his tools and sanded those babies down.  I didn’t take a photo before I primed it, but WOW… he cleaned them off beautifully and straightened it out. 



I took it out and primed them really well.  You can still see some dings, but that gives it character. 



The after just blew me away!!






That is as far as I’ve gotten on the projects for awhile. 


Kindle Case PLUS | Sewing Project

Hey there!! 

I was recently on a search for some sort of case for my Kindle.  I’ve been taking it to school and I hate the thought of it banging around in my school bag.  I wasn’t liking the option I had found to buy something, and I knew that I could easily create something. 

So I headed to Pinterest and these were a few of the Pins I saw. 

Kindle case by Katie Wagner - picture 7


MD School Mrs.: Halfway Done: DIY Fabric Kindle Case


DIY - From Hardcover Book ---> Kindle/Nook/iPad  Holder This is cute - a gift for someone?



I actually even attempted this last one, but I didn’t care for it.  Then I was messing around saw my three main things that I keep with me every day. 


My three THings

It came to me, that I needed a case for all three since I carry all three with me most of the time.  And I can easily transfer this to my purse from my school bag and visa versa.  And I’ll know where they all are. 

So I thought I would just share with you what I created.  I am in no way a pro at this stuff, and you’ll see as the photos get messier that I was struggling.  lol 


I started with two sections of material.  I cut them just a bot larger than the planner itself as that would go in the main pocket.  You can get a planner like this HERE. 


I then cut two pieces that same size for the inside of that pocket.  I choose the grey here.  I lined each of them up right sides together, and stitched ONLY along the top. 


I then folded them back over, ironed them flat at the seams and then stitched the top again to finish it. 


I missed a few photos, but I did similar as before.  I cut two panels of the turquoise and two of the pink and stitched them rights sides together along the top.  Then put them wrong sides together, ironed and stitched the tops.  So when I laid them out, I have these three layers.  This is going to be the front of my case. 


Then I laid my phone on the front to get a feel for where that pocket would be and if I could add some spaces for pens as well. 


I stitched two strips down the front (on each side of the pen) to make the pockets on this front one.  I didn’t sew on the sides because when I put it all together, those will close up. 

At this point, I didn’t take any more photos really.  I took my other outside panel from the beginning and put them right sides – pink sides- together.  I stitched all around the sides and bottom. 

When I do that, I ALWAYS cut the corners to make it turn in easier.  I turned it right side out and about had a heart attack.  I had opened it up with the pockets on the backside and thought I did it wrong.  However, before I seam ripped threw it out, I realized I just turned it wrong.  Phew. 

PLanner kindle phone case

So I ended up with a super cute lil pouch set for everything I need!! 

I’m super excited to be toting this baby around.  Smile 


Hope you enjoyed it. 

Thanks for visiting today!! 

Fall Decor

Hello there!

I didn’t mean to take such a long blog break there.  I haven’t worked on any cards, and that includes any for my Christmas Card Stash either. 

I did however work on a couple other things to share. 


Greg and I have been making use of some old wood that we got from mom and dad. I’ve been showing him Pinterest Pins and he’s willing to work with me!!  lol  

I particularly wanted to work on my fonts so I found this photo on Pinterest and printed it off.  I then free handed it on the sign. 


I added it to the living room wall.  I then later found something else at a garage sale and moved all the things on the walls on Saturday, but this is what it looked like for a milli-second!  HA!! 




I started out this smaller one with something else and it failed.  So I decided to paint over it and went with Montana. I totally free handed this by looking at the weather map on the newspaper I was using to catch paint.  I don’t know if I could do it twice!! 


Here we are working on one last one.  McK was working on signs for her dolls while I painted this one. 

Not a good photo, but a peak anyway. 

We’ve toyed with making them to sell, and we will see what we come up with.  For now, I am just enjoying doing something different.  And something with Greg. 


Tomorrow we announce the new Design Team over at Retro Rubber!! 

Until then, enjoy your Tuesday!!  (We only have today and a half day tomorrow of school left this week!)

Pinterest Inspired | Cards

I’ve been making a few cards lately, but my mojo ain’t what she used to be. 

So I’ve turned to Pinterest and found a few ideas. 


This was inspired by THIS CARD HERE

I liked the idea of punching out the vellum, and I had the colored cardstock out.  I used the scraps to make strips and then punched the tiny stars out with the tiny punch that came with a Kiwi Crate from long ago.  This punch was worth the purchase of the whole kit. 



This card was inspired by THIS CARD HERE.

I purchased the Gorgeous Grunge from Stampin’ Up! and I have had a hard time using it up.  But when I saw this card, I knew I wanted more rainbow. 

I’m a sucker for rainbow and color. 

I die cut the happy out of PTI dies and stamped birthday  from Big Birthday Greetings from PTI.  The colors are all AMuse. 


These tags were inspired by THESE HERE.

I wanted to make some tags to add the the recent Stampin’ Up! orders when I delivered them. 

I used up Washi Tape and my new SU punch.  I had sold the matching stamp set that went with these dies, but I loved the dies.  The sentiment is from PTI’s Signature Greetings. 

Personally, I think the ones in the PIN are funny.  I want to say GEEEEEEEE, not just a G should.  lol…

GEEEEEEE, thanks. 

Funny to  me.