Outdoor Life

Farm Friends

This last weekend, we did the chores for my mom and dad while they were out of town. 

Mostly gathering eggs from their chickens.


We caught up with the cats.


This one is Garfield.  He is friendly, but mischievous.  He likes to play. 


He stole RC’s glove and took it under the stairs. 


This is Gary.  A little more skittish, but still enjoys being petted.


We could just sit and play with them for ever. 

While we were I sent RC for water and we heard someone coming back in the barn.


It was Spice and she knew that there was some cake in there. 

She got some.

You can’t say no to that face.


We had to feed and play with Cody too. 


It rained on us when we went over Saturday night.

I love the rain.


We walked over Sunday.

Much better. 

You can stop and smell the……not roses, but it is better.


RC and McKinley.



Oh, you can find these when you walk. 



Summer To-Do List | Landscaping

One of our top items on the Summer To-Do list is the yard. 

As I look out the window now, I see a tangle of weeds.  Blech.

We needed to wait for rain gutters, which we got over the winter. (? Weird, I know.) And now it needs some TLC. 

So how about some of my dreams from Pinterest. 

From my {outside} board.

One thing is we live in rock country, so I am using them to my advantage.  I like this for in between the driveway and the front door.

Landscaping with rocks

No source/link.


I would love this out back on the slope.  Or some tall wild flowers.




If I could make this work, I would.

dry river bed ... beautiful!

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I like things like this, but the wind would carry them away.

Ladder garden



Hot tub? YES!  In the middle of the prairie….maybe not. 

Backyard campfire A built-in firepit is the hub of gatherings in this garden. Sandstone cobbles edge the 5-foot-diameter lava rock–topped pit, which blazes with gas-fed flames. A sandstone wall, scattered with cushions for comfort, serves as seating. Thyme and other herbs grow around the firepit and between the seat wall’s stones.


Better stop dreaming and get to work right?