Family News


Well, today I am both excited and saddened to be sharing this post with you!   (And I waited til the 3rd, so  you know it's not an April Fool's joke.  Sheesh, that just dawned on me!!)


As you noticed, things have been quieter here.  

Things are changing for us, and we are making plans for the future to move into something new and exciting for our family.  With that decision made, I decided to step down from all of my card making responsibilities and design teams and originally planned to step down from everything online as well.  However, we have tweaked the original plan some when things changed for us.  We are still pursuing a form of Plan A, but it's probably going to take  longer than we planned. 

So I went back over and thought about what I really wanted to be doing. 

I've been thinking about the amount of time and effort I put into this blog and YouTube and even though I love it, it's a lot.  And it's not taking me in the direction that we want to go as a family as a whole.  It's very time consuming to keep up a blog and YouTube channel when you are just doing it for fun.  When I wasn't working, it was a great way to keep up with people and something to do.  And to be honest, I've loved it. 

In the midst of following our dream, I found a few new things to me.

First, I came across Chalky & Company, which is a fairly new company on the market.  The specialize in Chalky Paints and product kits that you can do right in your own home.  It was really something I wanted to do - hosting craft parties - but living in the middle of nowhere, gathering supplies and having them available is hard.  So this company took all of that work out of the picture and made it easier for me!  I am SO PUMPED to be with Chalky & Company. 

Second, I made a list of things I wanted to really focus on which is the vast variety of crafts.  And I pondered if I really even want to continue on with this online journey.  I do.  I really do, at least until we finalize plans of other things. 

However, I don't plan to continue things on the blog.  I will focus my work to YouTube and my Facebook page.  That seems to be where the action is, and I want to make more time for the craft themselves.

IF YOU FOLLOW MY BLOG - please head over the YouTube and subscribe to my channel.  THEN, head over to my Facebook page and make sure you like it and follow me there. 

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THE PLAN - I will be sharing A LOT of Bible Journaling videos on my YouTube, plus some fun projects I've had on my to do list with my Cricut.  And then I will be sharing my Chalky Stuff.  So please be sure to subscribe to me and to both my facebook pages so you don't miss anything!! 



Lastly, I want to thank everyone who had me on their Design Teams over the years.  Especially lately, Sandy and Tanya.  And to my team mates on the Scrapbook Blessings Club and Riley & Co and Prickley Pear.  As I told them all, it was so hard for me to actually step down from these positions.  

Much love ladies!! 


Thank you all so much for visiting my lil space of the 'net!!

February Family Fun

I feel like we are on a bit of a slow motion ride now that most of the major holidays are over now.  Seems like we have a huge let down after Valentine’s Day is over.  But I’ve been enjoying that.  Quiet time. 

We had a busy month family wise with lots of fun life things happening.  Exciting things to come as well.  I love that. 




The animals have quite the life as well.  


We had the chance to go ski one weekend.  We love living in the big state of Montana, but it was a 4 hour one way ride to the mountain.  And we weren’t even half way across the state.  It was fun, but I am officially not a skier.  And despite RC’s look, he did have fun. 



RC started the run of traveling tournaments for the year.  In between wrestling and basketball, we don’t have any free time in March.  I’m ok with that!! 


Special Reason Card | Global Design Project

Hi guys!!  Remember me?  WOW, I forgot what I was doing there for a bit and took a leave of absence.  I am back for now.  HA….. All is well.  I am excited to pop on and share with you today! 


GDP 2-17


I created this card for the Global Design Project challenge this week and love how it turned out.  Super cute.  I share a lot in the video.  And by a lot, I mean, way more than the card!  lol….  Just watch!!


You can find the supplies I used on my Demo’s site – Bonny’s Site.  I used the Special Reason bundle, not the succulent one I said in the video.  Oops.  I did guess well on the Falling in Love cardstocks.   The ribbon was from the Sale A Bration catty. 


This card was really fun to make and I love sharing it with you!  I promise to get better this next week about sharing.  When my life gets crazy and I let things go, it takes my mojo with it.  However, today, I am ready to get back in the craft room!!


Enjoy your long holiday weekend!!


Global Design Project #GDP074

Simon Says Card Kit + January Life Updates

Hey friends!! 

Can you believe we are starting February this week?  Glory Be, time is flying!

I wanted to share a couple cards I made for fun and for weekly challenges today.  And I also wanted to share some Life Updates each month, so those are at the end of today’s post.  This is a big post, so grab your cuppa and enjoy!


First off, both cards are made from this month’s Simon Says Card Kit.  I love this kit!! 

So the first card is for the Coffee Lovers Blog sketch challenge.  You can find it HERE. 



The papers are so fun and they really did a great job coordinating the papers!  This pink patterned paper is awesome!!  YAY!!





For this one, I played with the sketch at Paper Players  .  I loved with Amy Rysavy did with her stickers so I did a similar things with them on the kraft cardstock.  I die cut the hearts from vellum so they were faintly there.  


I love how this card turned out!!  I really need to get some more of this patterned paper!! 



January flew by for us!!  While we didn’t have basketball taking up our weekends, we were able to enjoy more time at home! 

January marked a whole year since mom had her stroke and it’s crazy to me how quickly that time flew by.  Thankfully, she is doing well.   In January Dad also got the all clear from his cancer that took over their fall.  It was a crazy time for them, so seeing them both flourish now in January has been great!!

And speaking of the spry ones.  January brought Aunt Gene’s 98th birthday.  We celebrated with her a couple times at the Nursing home.  She loved it and was up and moving. 

I snapped this photo of her and my Grandpa who is 94.  (She is my mom’s Aunt, this is my Dad’s dad.  Winking smile


Weather has been typical of MT.  Cold and snowy in the am, warm in the pm.  LOL…  Thankfully, we’ve missed the major storms and right now, we hardly have any snow.  But we did enjoy it while we could. 

I used spray paint to paint on my spring flowers. 


We were able to finally meet our sweet Great Niece this last weekend.  She has some fiery red hair and it’s adorable.   She looks just like her big brother.  It was really fun to snuggle and visit them all. 

I am still hoping to get a trip to Billings in next month and more snuggles. 



I also thought I would add a couple Origami Owl Updates to my Monthly Updates post.   If you want regular updates, join my VIP group on Facebook.  Otherwise, I will only share what’s going on in my Monthly Life Update posts. 

This special for joining O2 ends this week, but there will be another if you join in February.  CLICK HERE to learn more.



I am also starting Live Facebook Jewelry Bars, so if that is something that you might be interested in, email me. This is the February Hostess Exclusive. 


And all of the new Spring Line is now available!!   Plus the Limited Valentine’s goodies!!



Blog Housekeeping Update

Bb 2
Hey everyone - I did a lil facelift on the blog this week.  A fresh start to the New Year!

I have links to the important items up at the very top.  I also have them in my sidebar ----->

Are you following me on Facebook - created by Katie   Not only do I share my blog posts, but I will also share sales and fun things I might see around Facebook. 

I've also got a link to Bloglovin.  Make sure if you are on there, you add my blog. 

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I am slowing going to be adding cards to my etsy store!  Check it out HERE or in the sidebar anytime.  You can see the lil thumbnails of the cards I have loaded.  I plan to add them twice a month and will notify you here and on Facebook. 

I've also added a link to my Origami Owl store.  I don't share that much here, but if you want to be a part of my OO VIP group, send me an email.  jstaskif @ yahoo dot com.  Or email is in the sidebar. 



That is all for today!  Be safe tonight while you ring in the New Year.  Come back tomorrow for a fun giveaway. 

2016 Wrap Up

Hi Crafty friends!!  

I am sharing this video on my YouTube channel today and wanted to share it here as well.  

2016 has been another whirl wind year, and I like to stop and reflect on the year at this time of the season.  We have so much to be thankful for!  

This will be my last post for 2016, as I want to settle in and enjoy the season with my family!!  I will be back to it the first of the year! 




Changes for 2017 -

  • I am stepping down from the Design Teams for MHK Designs and Craftin' Desert Divas.  I loved both so much, but I can't continue to keep up with everything I'm doing.  Some of those juggling balls are dropping.  This is such a hard thing to do, as I love being part of the teams, but I just can't fit everything into my daily life!!  
  • I will continue on with Riley & Co. and Prickley Pear Stamps and I hope to use my time to make those projects even better!  I'm looking for more quality over the quantity of posts/projects.  
  • I will also continue on with Scrapbook Blessings Club and heART of Worship posts.  Each of those is once a month, and again I hope to put more effort into those projects and videos for you.  
  • One goal I've set for 2017 is to share more Bible Journaling as well.  This is something I really have fallen in love with, and I hope to make more time in my day for work in my Bible.  I'm excited to share that more as well!  
  • After all of that, I hope to share more things that I love on here!  I am excited for a new year!  


I appreciate all of you and am thankful for your visits here on my blog!! 

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 


Quick Update

Hi everyone -

I  wanted to pop on to let you know that I will be quiet for a bit.  We are taking care of some family medical issues and I wanted to make sure I am available to my family. 

I have a few of my DT projects that will be scheduled and posting over the next couple weeks, but I know I planned to do a Halloween Series.  I just didn’t want anyone looking for it and wondering what happened. 

I will share more details later on, but we would all appreciate the prayers. 

Texas Recap

Hey you all!!

This is the craziest week, and I feel so dumb for my poor planning.  BUT I am so happy for all we did!! 

So, McKinley had been saying for quite a few years ( she was really little when she started) that on her “Number 10” birthday, she wanted to go to the American Girl Doll store.  Well, after 9 rolled around, I thought I better check into it.  We originally thought Seattle would be closest, and my aunt even offered to take us in Chicago.  But Texas won out when my cousin suggested that.  I’ve never been to Texas and it was on my (small) Bucket List. 


So we went!  And we had such a great time.  My cousin has a daughter just a year younger than McKinley so it was perfect for them to be together.  The AG store was amazing – I grew up drolling on the dolls back when they were Pleasant Company.  So when McKinley was old enough, we got her a Bitty Baby.  And now, we are in trouble!! 


Just so you know, it took us 3 hours to DRIVE to Billings and neither of our two flights were that long!!  lol  We flew to Minneapolis and then Austin.


I loved the large guitars!! What a welcome.  The heatwave?  Not so much!!  HA!!


McKinley loved seeing all the STUFF in person.  SO worth the trip!!

After that, we enjoyed some down time with my cousin and her family.  And she took us junkin' where I found the motherload of Fiestaware!  Darn that distance!!  I would stock up!!


Look at those chubby legs!!  (On Torri, not mom or McKinley.  HA!!)


Best way to spend a Friday night in Summer! 


So another place I wanted to see, was Roundtop Texas, home of the Junk Gypsies! I love them and I was so happy to see Large Marge on the side of the road!!


101121122This is the bathroom!  WOW!!


And then, after a day relaxing it was time to go home!!  And we were ready!  Vacations are fun, but home is heaven!!


We started back to school on Wednesday, so today was a very awesome FRIDAY to look forward to! 

I plan to spend some time in the craft room today and will be back to share with you all soon!! 



Vacation + the RV + the Fair

Hey all!

I’ve mentioned this before, but I am leaving tomorrow to head to Texas for a week.  As soon as I get home, I’ll start back to work at school.  This week will be quiet.  So I thought I would share some life stuff.


First, a couple weeks ago we were contacted by a local couple who planned to sell their RV.  They said it was wheelchair accessible and thought of us first.  We jumped on the chance. 
We have been looking at campers, but everything is so un-accessible or would cost way too much to make accessible.  So we just waited. And we waited for a good reason.  This RV is perfect for our family. 

Greg can get in and out and he can drive.  So we are set to hit the road. 

The previous owners had no use for the lift or hand controls so they didn’t know much about the lift.  So we thought we would need to order the parts.  However, once we got the RV an the kids started digging, we found the straps we needed and we tested it out.  I posted this video on facebook and it’s been cracking everyone up.





So, we figured what a better way to test it out then the fair!

This was the first year the kids took pigs to the fair.  We all went in blindly as we just didn’t know what to do for sure.  McKinley was really nervous about the whole thing, and that was mad worse by the fact that the pigs were all nervous and excited too.

We reached sale day and she reluctantly took her pig out, only to have it donated back and she had to do it all again.  It wasn’t best situation for her, but she did a great job.

They all did really well for being new to this project.  And we all enjoyed the entire fair.

Friday night, Sawyer Brown performed and David gave me a backstage pass he got from work.  My SIL ended up winning one at her work, so we went together!


It was a really good weekend overall.


Kid in the teal shirt on the right side is RC!  Ahead of ME in the pit!!  *wink*






So, now I’ve washed and repacked my clothes for Texas!!

I’ll be on Instagram and you can check out what I’m doing there!


Thanks for the visit!!

July In Pictures | What's Coming Up!

First off, I wanted to share some important things come for August

 Important Notes:

  • To kick off the month, the Riley & Co. Stamps is launching their August releases!!  I have A LOT to share with you!!  I'm so over excited about this!! 


  • On Saturday I will be sharing a HUGE announcement that will involve the Bible Journaling Videos you see here!  YAY!!


  • Next, August is going to be crazy for me on the personal/family side of things.  We kick it off with a 10th birthday for our baby.  *insert crying eyes*  Then fair, where we will be for a week without internet. (Kind of sounds good huh?) and will be busy prepping for.  Then I will be out of state for almost another week.  And I get back Monday and school starts Wednesday.  And then, yes, I go back to work.  *insert more crying eyes*  HA!!   


  • Blog post for August are ready to roll, but will be a little bit less often then usual.  I will be back to full swing in September. 


  • My CTMH Online Website will be open indefinitely right now.  I have put a lot of thought into this.  CTMH has been wonderful for me to share with you all, but now that I have the fun DT commitments, my time will be limited in what I can share.  Because CTMH has not been anything that was profitable to me, I've chosen to not invest any more of my own money into this. 

024 029 042 093
We spent so much time at the lake, it was amazing.  We loved every minute of it.  But it really wiped us all out and we ended up with cold for a week.  Boo.

118 119
We zipped out of town for Dr Appts and some favorite and new treats.


I finished off one more item on my Summer To Do list and got out Organization Station ready for Back to School. 

Road Trip 030 Road Trip 009We had more rain than normal for July ( well, all spring really.)  So we took advantage of it and played around in this pit at my parent's house. Yes, with a canoe!!  We had fun!!

Road Trip 002Two of my laying hens hatched three chicks each.  That doubled our dwindling lil hen house numbers!  YAY! 

Road Trip 002Thankfully rainy days were good days to get 4H books done. And thankfully, we didn't wait til the last week!  Now we are physically prepared.  Mentally?  I don't know!!

006We got a new game called Tenzi and we usually have to play a few rounds after dinner each night!

009 023 Road Trip 003

So much going on.  I will be around when I can, but make sure you are catching me on Instagram to see what I'm up to!

I'll be back tomorrow with a new Linky Party.