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Hey you!! 


Are you enjoying summer to the fullest!?  This week is pretty quiet as far as outside commitments, so I am soaking it up!  This is what summer is about baby!!


I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been pinning lately. 


I would love to build a farmhouse table.  For our Farm House.   I think having built it myself would be a great accomplishment. 

Farmhouse Table | Do It Yourself Home Projects from Ana White





One more from the fabulous Ana White.  I think this would be awesome next to McKinley’s bed. 


 Kendra Side Table | Do It Yourself Home Projects from Ana White


Greg & I are Sugar Detoxing this week with Marta at Haus of Fit Girls.  I could eat avacados every day for the rest of my life.  But I do need to spice them up. 




Here is another one.  I love tacos.  Minus the cheese, add some avocado.  Winking smile  Yum!!

#Eat #Clean with these #taco #lettuce #wraps!



Um, yes.  I truly do.  I’ve got more to share with you on this I think. 


I love this. We should all help each other to be better!


Do you think that Greg would let me make our room like this?  Oh it’s lovely!!  Maybe McKinley would.  That might work out for me better. 


#girls-bedroom Photography: White Loft Studio - Read More:




I have a hosier cabinet that looks like this. 

Well, it is the same style.  It does not look like THIS.  Yet. 

It is on my to-do list. 

I love this Hoosier Cabinet....with all the vintage Pyrex! Dreaming here! This is a great idea for mine that I am waiting to paint!



This project is like THUNK on the head simple. 

Like Duh? 

I know some people with plexi-glass.  And I have some stickers. 

Make your own interchangable acrylic message board and leave yourself short, inspirational messages or use it as a perpetual calendar. Get the full tutorial on www.abeautifulmess







Totally random right?

These are what is fueling me right now.  I want to be in the garage building things.  Painting things.  Enjoying life. 


Thanks for the visit friend – stop back again soon!!


Hey all!

I am cozily sitting at home today, hoping to get some things cleaned and caught up around here.  It’s been another one of those weeks with wildness going on. 

And we have a busy weekend planned, so I’m taking advantage of a couple huge blocks of time at home. 

I have deemed this the summer of projects. 

We have been getting a lot done. Things crossed off the list.  First coat of paint on Grandpa’s deck.  Finally.

I will no longer make plans to work on it, but randomly show up and paint a final coat.

When I make plans, it rains.


We finally got the ground tilled up for the front lawn. 

And I have grass seed. 

You do the math.


We made some tie-dye t-shirts.  Check that off the summer fun list.  We will be sporting these lovely beasts this weekend.



I may or may not be addicted to the Sharpie Mug creations. 

The kids may or may not be addicted to them too.

Where can we get more mugs?  - that is the question. 


Thanks to an awesome aunt and a cousin who works at the fabric store, I scored my polka dot rainbow fabrics for another Chevron quilt. 

No thanks to my niece who is now having a boy and won’t like rainbows. 

I’m still making it anyway.

The first photo reminds me of my own blanket. 


Looks like I have lots of polka dot going on.  But the red-checkered is what I remember the most.

And I was adorable, no?


4H cooking and baking projects are happening. 


Pinterest Rainbow cookies were baked and eaten. 

They do not look like Pinterest worthy, but they were great! 


Project Life is still happening. 


Friendship bracelets were happening with the intentions of birthday goodie bags. 

Friendship bracelets for one happened. 


After just over two years of braces, I am sporting some almost perfect teeth.  Straighter than they have ever been.  I love it.

So worth the pain. 

Even More Menu Planning

If you missed the first couple posts about my Menu Planning, check them out HERE and HERE.

A few loose ends that didn't fit anywhere else. 

As I mentioned, we do live out of town and going into summer I do not want to be driving to the store on a day to day basis.  I also won't have that extra moolah from work over the summer.  So planning my menu out each month and prepping freezer meals is going to be a huge help.

We are just about to purchase some hamb from a neighbor, and I'm hoping to get some more steaks and roasts here soon too.  This is a huge cost up front, but in the end, I know it's saving me.  Meat at the local grocer is more expensive simply because we live in a small town.  Plus it's nasty.  Sorry, but it is. 

We often get parts of a pig from my parents (that sounds and we get whole chickens from the local hutterites.  So usually the only meat I purchase at the store is chicken breasts when it's on sale.

We get fruits and veggies from the Bountiful Baskets.  Or later in the summer, again from the Hutterites or other vendors. 

In order to be more Paleo, I've had to revamp on my planning.  I haven't cut those things out of the whole families life just yet.  They still want buns on their burgers and they still drink 2% milk.  I just choose not to have those extra options. 

However, when planning meals, I've been Paleo friendly recipes for most of the meals. I do still have to feed them and provide snacks and sometimes treats. 


More Menu Planning: Freezer Meals

Freezer Meals are all the rage right? 


And they have been for quite awhile.  Quite awhile ago, a few friends and I got together and made some freezer meals to have handy.  Since then, I've done a few meals on my own each month. 

(This wasn't something I planned to blog, so I didn't take ANY good photos.  Sorry.)

Again, I feel like this helps you to save time and money.  For us, over the winter, it was nice to take a bag out of the freezer and have Greg be able to throw it in the crock pot  for lunch.  Then when I came home, we could just eat and clean up. 

Money-wise, I was able to get ingredients and make 2 or more of each recipes so I have a couple meals worth in the freezer. 


I won't re-invent the wheel, but I'll share some of the links I've found via Pinterest on Freezer Meals. 

Life's Little Moments - this blog has a lot of links to recipes that I've tried and my family loved.  She also has some great tips. 

Loving My Nest - gave some great tips for the first timers out there.  Also great prep and planning day tips. 


Doing this with others is fun.  Doing things with others is always better, but this was a great day.  However, getting it done once a month on my own is great too.  I can easily pick an evening and throw my meals together. 


Menu Planning

One post I've had rolling in my full head is that of Menu Planning.


Menu Planning

How do you prepare your meals?  Are you all willy-nilly and eat whatever you find in the fridge? Or try to make something, only to find that you do not have {insert fabulous ingredient you never buy here}?

I used to.

Then I started planning my meals and I wanted to share with you what I was doing.

Remember, as you read that I am cooking for myself, Greg and our three kids.

However, I'm breaking this up into three parts because I want to share how and why I plan my meals out.  Then my freezer meals ideas and tips.  And then some other tips and Pinterest links. Any questions will be answered in the third post.


Usually, I'll sit down with my calendar and my iPad and something to drink.

The calendar helps me to keep track of the happenings in the household for the coming month.  The iPad has a Pinterest app.

My plan goes like this:

Mondays (in the winter) were soup and sandwich nights.  I especially love the ____ brand in the bags, but I also like to throw in some homemade taco soup and maybe some good ole Campbell's Tomato and a grilled cheese!

Wednesdays (during the winter) were church nights and we eat dinner there.  I LOVE that less meal to plan.

Fridays are either Taco or Sloppy Joe night.  I can easily cook up a couple pounds of burger at one time, divide it and add the ingredients to make each.  Then I bag it, freeze and on Thursday nights, take the bags out.  Thaw and cook.

That leaves me with two week night dinners and a weekend meal.

WHAT?  You only eat once on the weekend?

HA... we eat A LOT on the weekend.

Actually, I only plan to cook/prepare one meal.  It is either Saturday night or Sunday after church.  The rest of the time, is what I like to call fend for yourself.  Hee Hee.  We might pull out all the left overs.  Finish up Friday's meat, especially taco meat on some nachos.  Sometimes, the kids want cereal.  More power to them.  Weekends are usually when I'd stick a roast in the crock pot and enjoy dinner Saturday night and French Dips on Sunday.  Or it might me a time we would end up eating out. Our weekends are usually wild and it's ok to have the flexibility to go with the flow.

On those other two nights, I take the time to use them as Pinterest nights.  Freezer meal nights.  Hot dog nights.  Whatever I can find to fill in.

I also take in those extra activities on the calendar and plan around them.  Once a month, our stamp club meets.  So I plan my potluck meal for that, and have been trying to make it something that I can leave half at home for the family and take the rest.

If know something is going on, and we will be in town all evening, I'll write in Eat at Joe's. 

Going into summer, I'm taking that into consideration and also realizing we will do way more grilling.  So we will probably have multiple nights of burgers or brats.  That will cover soup and church nights.


Why do I plan this way?

Well, how many times have you gotten home from work and said, hmmm... what can I make?  Or how may times do the kids ask, What's for dinner? 

That is a big reason why I plan.  I like to know.  I like to know that I can look at tomorrow, see what I've planned and take out the ingredients.

It also helps out in the pocketbook.  Cha-Ching.  Yes.  Originally, I thought I would shop once a month for the meals I've planned out.  I tried it once.  It was a huge failure.  I had to keep going back for things.  Vegatables spoil.  It was insane.  So now, I really try hard to only go every other week.  Usually, I aim for Fridays or the end of the school week.

Making a shopping list of the ingredients makes it easier than having to go to the store for one or two things at the last minute.  Esp. when we live 7 miles from town.

Time and Money, baby.  That is what it's all about.