Chickens & Turkeys

Summer Time

Summer is finally here!!  YAY!


I have a lot going on for here on the crafty blog + YouTube for you all.  I’m excited to kick off a couple new things this summer.  I’m also excited to just have some down time.  It’s really taken me all weekend to get the mindset that I don’t have to GO anywhere again.  I do have a few things, but the plan is to stick close to home as much as I can. 



We  are now in the pig business for 4H so that means we must stay close to home anyway. 

We are still in the chicken business, but sadly we are down to one lonely turkey.  Boo.  I think I’m going to make her my new BFF and keep her company. 




I just wanted to post and say Hello.  I will be back to share more with you shortly! 

Enjoy your day!!

Owl Right

Hi friends!!  Thanks for joining me today!

Grab your cuppa and settle in!




I am playing with another sketch challenge today. This one for the Your Next Stamp weekly challenge.  I recently picked up their cute lil owl stamp set, Life’s A Hoot.  I do love me some owls.  And this one with the coffee cup!  Yes please!! 

You may remember this paper!  I love it, and I keep grabbing it.  It’s just so pretty, especially this bluish color!  I created some flags and stapled the sentiment to them. 



I hope you enjoyed this fun lil card!

I appreciate you stopping by!

Now, how about a Turkey Update? (Next time, Puppy Update, I promise!)


Fluffy, Muffy and Buffy moved to a bigger house this weekend out in the garage.  They needed more room to move, and I'm trying to keep them in the box.  One of them is an escape artist. 


Sweet 16, New Stamps and Turkeys

Happy Saturday!! 

I wanted to jump on and share this card today to make sure I got it in in time for The Muse Challenge this week. 


When I saw the challenge, I knew I wanted to create something with the colors and Watercolors.  So I watercolored the paper with greens and yellow and let them sit.  It wasn’t until I was looking for the right die that I decided that I would make it a birthday card.  I used PTI’s Big Number Dies to cut out the numbers and I just grabbed a sentiment set for this one. 

My oldest baby is turning 16 on Monday.  Insert sad eyes!!  He’s currently on the other side of the state Skiing with a youth group trip. 

Check out The Muse Challenge.

I also placed an order for some new Bossy Joscie stamps this last week and they came yesterday.


I had the top one that you see in my photos that I use on the back of my cards.  I had some stamps with just my name on them for addresses, but I decided to get one that was for all of us.  Smile  

Also, I had previously seen this Hashtag stamp via Stampin Up!  and when I saw that Joscie had it, I added it to my cart.  Unfortunately, SU’s stamps were back ordered right away.  So I am happy that I picked this one up.  And Joscie had three different styles to choose from. 

Check out here Store HERE.

IMG_4929  I added this to the back of David’s card, and plan to on my my 2016 birthday cards!!

Finally, you may be wondering what the heck turkey’s have to do with the heading.


My dad got me three lil Bronze Turkey’s yesterday.  It was totally last minute, he said he wanted some, so I said grab me some too.  We had some a few years back and they are so friendly and fun to watch.  I’m excited.  So they are currently living in this cardboard “house” (McKinley had previously decorated it for her dolls.) in our guest bath off the mud room. 

I will keep you posted on them as they grow and move out to the Chicken House. 

Enjoy your Saturday!!

Farm Friends

This last weekend, we did the chores for my mom and dad while they were out of town. 

Mostly gathering eggs from their chickens.


We caught up with the cats.


This one is Garfield.  He is friendly, but mischievous.  He likes to play. 


He stole RC’s glove and took it under the stairs. 


This is Gary.  A little more skittish, but still enjoys being petted.


We could just sit and play with them for ever. 

While we were I sent RC for water and we heard someone coming back in the barn.


It was Spice and she knew that there was some cake in there. 

She got some.

You can’t say no to that face.


We had to feed and play with Cody too. 


It rained on us when we went over Saturday night.

I love the rain.


We walked over Sunday.

Much better. 

You can stop and smell the……not roses, but it is better.


RC and McKinley.



Oh, you can find these when you walk. 




Spring is here!!  Yesterday, I got my first sunburn.  I know better, but really I wasn’t prepared for it to be that warm out.  The kids’ had May Day relays outside at school, and it was so warm and lovely.   

Then the wind and yuck moved back in.  It’s supposed to rain today. 


David is taking poultry this year in 4H and we finally got some baby chicks. 


Currently they are living in the laundry room bathroom.  The smell brings back a lot of memories, but I will be happy to send them to the barn when it’s time. 

So far the other house animals, aka the cat and dog, haven’t found them yet. 


We bought them locally and they were just days old.  This one is the tiniest and very cute. 


There are a variety of colors and variations. 



But we are all in love with this one with it’s fun little mohawk. 


They got a clean bed last night and more water and they were super happy. 

We are bustling around the house today, enjoying a Saturday at home.