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A Heart That Receives Entry Video + A SALE!!

Hey all!  Happy Day after Easter!  Hope it was a great time for you!!  We have been enjoying our break from school and some much needed down time. 


I have a new entry for the Illustrated Faith A Heart That Receives kit and I wanted to let you know about the sale at DaySpring this week! 



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New Illustrated Faith Kit + Shanna's New Book

Hey all!!

Happy Easter week!!  I love Easter week and the holiday itself.  To me, it's always been a bit more stress free time to gather with family.  I know that isn't the meaning of Easter, but I love holidays to gather with family.  And this one has much less pressure than Thanksgiving and Christmas.  And I feel that being in the spring, it brings forth a freshness to it.  A bit of a clean slate, I guess. 

Another favorite part of Easter is signing at church.  The hymns that are sang at church at Easter time are my favorite.  (Yes, over Christmas ones!!)  Up From the Grave is probably my most favorite.  Check out this post about Easter Hymns and listen to the song.  Beautiful. 

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SHANNA's New Book

Illustrated Faith Creator Shanna Noel is releasing her new book on Wednesday! Be sure to watch for it to arrive here on 4/12 for the low price of $9.99!   I can't wait to get to it and read it!!



I am so super pumped to be a part of DaySprings' Launch team for the new Monthly Devotionals.  I love them all anyway, so I love that I get to play with more of them!!  You can find them all HERE.   For the newest kit, click on the image below. 

Here is my most recent un boxing of the kit.  I am currently working on my process video, so expect that before Friday!!  Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube to not miss any of them!! 


I have a couple other shares going up on my YouTube this week. 

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Faith Friday | Hebrews 11


After a couple busy weeks on the blog, I am back with Faith Friday!!  Super excited to share what I did this week in my Bible!  Lots is going on in the world and in life, and it's always funny how God leads to me to certain things when I spend time with him in the Word. 

I wasn't planning on talking about having Faith, but that is where I ended up. 

FF 2-3

I was reading about Sarah and Abraham and Sarah's desire to provide a son for Abraham.  As I read through this story again, and thought about the patience and faith that she had, I thought about our own lives and how frustrating it can be to wait on the Lord for anything.  And I often find myself frustrated and impatient and not even asking, Is this OK, Is this right for me... and just doing it. 

So this was a good reminder. 



I also really loved this verse,  Hebrews 11:13 - So many of those living in these time were told Jesus would come back, yet it didn't happen for them in their life time.   And they still believed and they still shared his story.  That is an amazing testimony of faith.

I believe that is exactly what having faith it.  Not seeing.  Not needing proof.  Just knowing and living my life in a way that shows that I believe God's Word is true.  Hopefully, living that way and letting God's Word shine through me will help others to believe that it is true. 


Sarah herself, never say the great Kingdom that followed her family but she believed that that was God was going to do.  She didn't need proof or to see it with her own eyes, she just believed.  That is what we need to do.  Wait on the Lord and believe in his promises.  Sometimes that prayers that you ask for will not be answered in your lifetimes.  But believe that the work God is doing in your life is with great purpose. 

I realize in my page, I didn't finish the sentence in writing.  That is the part of the verse that I wanted to make highlighted.  That they died having Faith in what was to come, but never received it in their lifetime. 



As I shared in the video, most the products I'm using are from my own stash of things.  I am using up my letter stickers and finding bits and pieces of older scrapbooking kits I had.  If  you have a question about something I used, shoot me an email - jstaskif at yahoo dot com   Or find the link in the sidebar. 



heART of Worship Sunday | Hebrews 4:12

Hi and welcome to heART of Worship Sunday on both my blog and Youtube as well as the Scrapbook Blessing Club  Blog!!  I’m sharing my video here for my Process through Hebrews 4:12. 


Right now, I’m really working on my attitude and I wanted to focus on keeping my thoughts positive!!  And this week as I prayed and thought about what to share, the Lord sent me this bubble thought idea.  And I love how it just kept going. 




Check out my Video:




Also, I want you to let you know that we are now doing weekly challenges on the Scrapbook Blessing Club Facebook Group. 

Here is a LINK.

If you haven’t been to the heART of Worship facebook group, check us out HERE.   We are sharing more and more over there, and we would love for you to visit us there!! 


Enjoy your Sunday!!

Faith Friday | Habakkuk 3:19

 I am so happy to be here with you guys today for my first Faith Friday of the year!!  I have set a goal to make sure that I get to these at least more than 1 time a month!!  I am still sharing on heART of Worship Sundays, but I really want to get my Faith Friday's back. 

So my plan is to either share with you what I am doing in my Bible, what is happening in my spiritual journey or some thing fun related to Bible Journaling!! 


I got the I am Strong Kit from IF for my birthday and I wanted to give into over the break.  I was so shocked as it took me to places that I didn't realize I was in!!  That would be the Lord for ya, right!!  lol.... 

So this is what I came up with for my process video, and I do share a little bit about what the Lord was doing with me through this devo. 

1-6 FF

Here is the video: 



I will be working through more of this Devo to come in the future!  I will be back Sunday for heART of Worship Sunday and then I hope to be back again next Friday for more Faith Friday goodness!!

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Illustrated Faith Starter Kit | Scrapbook Blessings Club

Hey friends!!  I am up on the Scrapbook Blessings Club blog today and sharing one of my birthday gifts I got!  It is the IF Starter Kit for Bible Journaling! 

Enjoy the video!


You can find the kit HERE on the IF website. 

Illustrated Faith - Starter Kit


Thanks for joining me today!  I hope you all have a great week!  Don't forget to vote tomorrow Americans!!  And continue to pray for our country! 

Faith Friday | Through Christ Episode 2

Hey all!!  So, yes, I’m a little late in posting today, but I do have a Faith Friday video for you.  I only got through one of the devotionals this week, but still wanted to share. 


Enjoy today’s video and devotions.



I am working with Illustrated Faith’s Through Christ devotional kit.  You can find other IF products HERE on the DaySpring site. 

Faith Friday | Through Christ Episode 1

Hi guys!!  I am back on track with my Faith Friday post.  Life is settling down a bit and I’ve gotten a little more organized about it all.  So, that means weekly Faith Fridays again!!


I recently got the newest kit from Illustrated Faith, and created with Meg Duerksen.  I LOVE her and her love of rainbows.  So I caved and bought this kit.  And jumped right in.  There are 14 devotionals, so I am going to be working on two at a time. 

Today, Confidence and Protection.    I show you the process while I talk about what I’ve learned.  I do have to say this is a great lil devo, and much needed. 




Tomorrow, I’ll have another fun card!!  And next Friday be back for Episode 2.