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Hi friends!!  

It's a cool, rainy spring day in Montana.  Perfect for grabbing a cuppa joe and curling up with a good book right?  I wish.  But if you can, do it.  

So most of you know I love coffee.  I was actually driving home from work the other day wondering if this was borderline addiction because I couldn't wait to get home for my afternoon - before dinner - cup.  I wondered if someone asked, would I be able to stop?  

The answer is no.  

HA....  Ok, really, I might if I needed to, but why.  :) 

I also have a slight addiction to mugs.  Seriously.  I have some that are colorful and fun.  Some from certain companies I love.  Some that I've had since I was little that I cannot part with.  So, do I need more?  

No, I need more storage tho!! 


After pursuing Pinterest, I finally decided to create  a better Coffee Bar.  

I previously repurposed this cute lil cart I got for $10 and have been using it here for our Hot Drink Station.  (We have tea and hot cocoa stuff too.)  And I had a couple mugs here.  However, I wanted more.  


I painted the wall with chalkboard paint and added some barnwood shelves.  I was able to keep a couple of my small coffee related signs.  

The one says Caffiene maintains my sunny personality.  It was given to me with DeCaf coffee.  I don't know what to think about that.  

I used a Chalkboard Marker to add the sentiments.  


I hand drew them, so not pretty.  But fun and cute.  

I have some of my mugs displayed and just got these cute Marquee lights from Avon!  Yes, how cute!!  

I love having this fun little area set up - and it's easy and welcoming for guests to get some coffee.  


So, now I need more mugs!!


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Thanks so much for visiting today!!  Enjoy your day - May your Coffee Cup never run dry!