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AG Doll House

We just tackled a HUGE project.  This was one of the items on our SUMMER FUN LIST.

McKinley is a huge fan of American Girl Dolls.  Really, any of the 18” dolls.  She isn’t just set on AG. 

But they have taken over the bedroom and are usually spread out all over the floor.  Things get stepped on.  Broken.

So I wanted to get something to get them off the floor and still be useful.

I researched a lot of Doll House ideas.  We watched  A LOT of videos on YouTube. 

We finally decided on these plans HERE, as we thought that was the best for his stuff and room to grow. 


This house is HUGE.  Much bigger than I thought, standing at 6’9” tall,  5 feet wide and 2 feet deep.  After cutting out the tall walls, we realized it was too tall for the doors and we needed to assemble it in her room. 


It is huge, but these dolls are much bigger dolls as well.  So things need to be bigger.


Yesterday, we got to paint it and do a little decorating. 

We used left over paints from our house and mom’s house.  We used leftover linoleum from our house as well for the flooring.


Greg has made this bed a couple years ago, and he had made it bigger than the plans.  But I was happy to see that it fit just well in the attic. 

The chairs were something I found years ago, and used to hang on the wall of McKinley’s room.  The desk is from the Journey Girls loft bed, but we added dowels for legs.  Computer is an old NIntendo DS.

We made the banner awhile ago too.  Also made the curtains and bedding on this floor.


This floor contains the Salon, with American Girl items and a small mirror we had that I hung up.  The bed is a Journey Girls bed McKinley got for Christmas a couple years ago, with a bed we made below it. 


Greg and McKinley made these table and chairs last summer and my  mom made the table runner.  The white cabinet is actually a small shelf I had and wasn’t using.  It works awesome for a kitchen counter. 

The TV and stand came with the loft bed, as did the bean bag, laptop and the rug.  McKinley and I made the couch, using scrap wood, minky material and door knobs for the feet.  I bought the chair on the online garage sale. 


There is a lot of hours to be played in this house!! 

We also need to finish a few things, like the trim work and painting the outside, but for now it’s ready to be played in. 



As mentioned above, we followed THESE PLANS, which we did pay for.  There are many free plans, but these plans were so easy to follow and everything came out perfectly.  If you were new to building, I would recommend them to you.  If you are a veteran, I’m sure you could plan them out just fine.  These rooms are 2 feet by 2.5’ by 2.5’.  That seems to be a good size for each one. 

One major thing we changed was to build it out of particle board.  Versus MDF and plywood, it was the cheapest, and so far, I am impressed with how sturdy it is.  As well as easier to paint. 

It took us about a week’s time to complete.  We worked mostly afternoons last week on this and had it all together by Thursday.  Then it took us about a full day to paint and decorate.  We still have another day of painting and trim work to do.

Roughly, this cost us about $200 for wood and supplies.  However, most of the paint we had on hand, as well as flooring.  Mostly that cost was our wood. 

And in case you ask, NO, we won’t build you one!!  HA… one was enough for us.  We talked about this as we worked and Greg said he’d have to charge a heck of a lot for one!!