Back to School
November Updates


Hello there…

School is back in session and I’ve back to some free time.  So it got me to thinking about coming back to blogging. 

One of the biggest reason’s I quit was the pressure to get something posted daily.  So I’ve taken the pressure off, and hope to just share whatever I’m working on at the time.  I can’t promise cards each week, or a sewing project or even ANYTHING….but I will promise to get back to blogging and visiting with you. 

Want to see what I HAVE been doing?


I made this sign for a friends birthday this week.  My goal is to actually MAKE things for people this year instead of going out and buying something just to buy it.  So I searched her Pinterest boards and found something similar.  Then I headed out to the garage and whipped this up.  I disassembled a pallet earlier and had some rusty horseshoes laying around.  Then I printed off the words and traced and painted them on. 


This is another handmade birthday gift for another friend later on this month.  I’m having a hard time waiting to give it away!! 


Speaking of the pallet.  This is what I took it apart for.  This idea was one of the first pins I put on Pinterest.  So I finally found the right wood and created this gate to hang coats on in our front room.  This is the entry to the house.  (FYI: My dad made the wagon seat bench.) 

I recently made my first PTI purchase since WAY last spring, so I’m hoping to get to work on it today.  I have a card order and new stamps….see you later gator!!