Memorial Day Weekend | In Pictures

(I got caught up with the end of the year school stuff and didn’t finish posting!!)

I hope you all have had a great long weekend.  More importantly, you were able to take some time to think about why we get a long weekend in the first place. 

We kicked ours off in that spirit, finally watching American Sniper.   We didn’t make it to the theater, so when it came out on DVD Greg wanted to buy it.  It was a great movie, and makes you think about all of the sacrifices, especially the unseen ones, that our soldiers make for our country!


We didn’t make any plans for  our weekend, but I did have a laundry list of items I wanted to get done.  I am happily reporting we took care of them all!!  I am ready to finish out the School Year this week – checking out and the Middle School Luncheon.  It’s going to be a busy week. 



I didn’t get a photo, but the cat was down the deck on the other chair at the same time as these two.  This pretty much summed up our Saturday.  Much needed rest for everyone!


We cleaned up McKinley’s Playhouse so she can be ready for summer fun.  The nest was a remnant of last summer and she didn’t want anyone else moving in. 


My dad had found this awesome arrow and I guess I never saw it before.  But how cool is this?  It needs to find a place inside the house somewhere.  Which means probably some redecorating.  lol 


Rylee so needs a bath.  She gets into the mud at any chance she can.


Sunday was so nice.  Greg had to go to graduation after church, and David went to graduation and parties with his friend (who is a girl…ahhh).  RC went over and helped Grandpa build his round corral so it was just us girls home for most of the afternoon.  We knocked off a lot of outside projects, and McKinley found her water balloon filling bottle and sat and filled balloons. 

That night Mom called us over for a fire and S’Mores. 


On Monday, we putted around and had mom and dad over for lunch.  We attempted to finish our decking out front, only to find that the rails were too short.  So we are thinking about Plan B. 


Tomorrow is the last day of school.  Friday we are having our end of the year Ice Cream Party, and then kicking off summer!!  YAY!!! 

Currently #2

TIME: 8:35 am

LOCATION : Craft/Office

FEELING: still a little tired

LOVING : sitting in the sunshine

READING : Karen Kingsbury – Fifteen Minutes

DRINKING : Coffee with creamer

ANTICIPATING : ending of the school year, saying good bye for the summer.

LISTENING TO : Dogs running, McKinley watching YouTube, the showers going

WATCHING : Golden Girls, Mike and Molly, Big Bang Theory.  (All other shows on summer hiatus, so enjoying good reruns.)

PLANNING : Our first Ice Cream Party to kick off summer

LOOKING FORWARD TO : Our weekend to Helena

CREATING : my next month’s stamp club cards

NEED TO FINISH : Retro Rubber posts for the week. 

MAIN GOAL : Enjoy the memories for the summer.

Fun with Felt

This last weekend, we had two solid days of rain.  I loved it.  While I could not live in the Washington/Oregon area and deal with it constantly, a good Montana spring rain is fabulous.  Plus the added bonus of being home for two full days as well.


Awhile back, I picked up the stitch kit from Papertrey Ink, and I had sat down and die cut tons of flowers and pieces.  Well, this rainy day, I put some of them together. 

I paired this newer  kit with my older favorites – the cell phone dies and the cup cozy dies.  Here is a link to all of their stitching dies they offer. I collected felt from PTI as well as My Favorite Things.  Honestly, both are great in my opinion.  Actually, I think some colors have better quality than other colors within each company.  But they both are great quality. 

So I thought I would just share a couple of the projects I made.


Scissor Keeper – this is a fun one after all.  I didn’t think I would complete it, but my great aunt recently left me these gold plated scissors that she bought in England.  I thought it would be fun to put with my sewing supplies.  (the box was a gift from my grandma that I keep my needles in.)



This one use the Floral Cluster Die.  The detail in the design that you can make with the die to punch out the holes, is awesome.  I paired with some fun colors on white for my first design.  You can also use the separate dies to use each flower alone. 


As I was die cutting on here, I thought I should try a rainbow effect.  I love this one and can’t wait to try it out on white. 


I love the Chevron  die to create this look above.  I see I die cut it off side, but it’s still fun.  This black felt is one of the ones that die cuts so smoothly.  I love it! 


Another one that is fun and cute!! 

These last three added in the Phone Case detail dies. 


Again, the flowers in a bit more detail.  This is a fun design and now that I feel confident with it, I think I’ll be working more with the individual flowers. 

And I need to cut out more colors.  Winking smile



The awesome thing about all of these stitching dies, you can mix and mingle them.  I’ve used the flower dies on both the phone case and the scissor keeper.  And I could use them on my Cup Cozy as well.   Look for all Stitching Dies HERE on the Papertrey Ink website. 

I had a hard time not getting the last Felt Softies.  I wanted those lil critters so bad, but I refrained!!  Maybe next time!



Thanks for the visit!

Project Life | The App

Hey there friends!

I shared this post here about my Project Life update and the purchase of the app.  I think I told you then too, that I purchased it because it was free for one day.  And since then, I’ve paid attention when some of the kits were 99 cents. 

You can’t get much for that anymore.



Simply, I made these layouts to try out the App.  The photos that I took at my brothers house, I created a couple pages on the drive home.  It was super easy, and then those moments were documented. 

Where is my Easy Button?


I used a couple of photos that were emailed to me, and app told me that the resolution was low.  However, I can’t tell.  They look amazing!  I am very pleased. 

12x12 prints are $1.99 each.  If you choose to do 8x8 prints, they are $0.99.  Not bad really, when you think about the cost of the photos to be printed as well as the cost of paper materials. 

I haven’t done much else for research on other pricing options yet.  I did find out – or hear through the grapevine – that Stampin Up! is no longer going to offer My Digital Studio.  When I first looked into printing, what I had seen was that a lot of people were using MDS. 


I also do not think that I would completely go to digital, but I honestly can not think of an easier way to document your PL album.  My problem is that I love the stuff I can see and play with in real life!!  I do think that should I get any farther behind or have any bigger events, I’m going to use the App to get them finished out. 


I had gotten a new computer and I am still having trouble getting my photos to print out well.  It’s kind of a glitch that is not letting me use my program right.  So I’m working on it to get caught up.  But these pages will be a fun addition to my  PL album. 



These two 12x12 pages shown were just in with my order.  It gives you a bit of a peek at what the cards would look like printed.  I’m very happy with the quality.  And happy here for the freebie I can use in my album! 

Currently #1

I’ve been wanting to do these with Kellie for awhile now. 


TIME: 6:04 pm

LOCATION : craft room/office

FEELING: thankful for my family and our laid back weekend at home. 

LOVING : where I am in my life right now. 

READING : Patsy Clairmont’s – You are More Than You Know; and for school The Cay AND Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry.  


ANTICIPATING : Summer Vacation

LISTENING TO : Reba on the TV.  The show, not the music. 

WATCHING : Reba.  lol… There is nothing else on TV right now that I am into.  I do think Real Housewives of Orange County comes back soon.  (I need a real life.)

PLANNING : summer projects: our headboard, my yard, finally putting the doors on my craft room/office.

LOOKING FORWARD TO : a break from work and school

CREATING : nothing…this is so sad! 

NEED TO FINISH : my felt projects.

WISHING :  I could just say NO and stop being involved.  (vague much! HA) 

MAIN GOAL : some minor yard work this week, getting rocks moved and  the deck done. 

Grad Cards | Updates

Hey there friends!!  Long time, no chat!

This is the first weekend in a long time that we haven’t had something going on.  And I’m soaking it up! 

I am going to  work in the yard today for a bit, as the weeds have taken over in the short time that it’s been nice enough to grow. 

I have sat down a couple of time to be crafty and nothings come out of it.  I’ve also sat down to write and nothing came from that as well. 

However, I did get some Grad cards made and some Teacher Appreciation cards done.  Sadly, I helped all week with TA activities at the Elementary school and didn’t get a chance to leave the cards I made for McKinley’s teachers.  Oh well…

Simple Grad

These were all super simple.  In fact, while in Billings, I saw these chalkboard stickers in the dollar bin at Target and said that would be awesome for Grad cards!  Along with some scoring on the Scor Pal, I was able to make some super easy cards. 

pink Grad

I had this new stamp from Stampin Up’s Sale-A-Bration book and wanted to use it for the Teachers

2 Teacher Cards

I stamped them in Memento black ink, then colored with my Copics to get an Ombre effect.  I also had picked up these cute coffee themed wood embellishments at Hobby Lobby.  Perfect to tuck in a coffee gift certificate and give to the teacher and her aide!

Teacher Cards

I’m going to dig through my goodies and see what I can make for a Mother’s Day card.  Nothing like last minute!! 


Thanks for the visit! 

Women of Faith Recap

Hello friends – I’m blogging today about my trip to Women of Faith.  I’m sharing some real life things here.  If you don’t care to read it, I won’t be offended.  But I’d love to visit with you about it, so please grab your favorite drink and settle in. 

I have shared about previous trips to Women of Faith conferences. 


I’ve been so fortunate to go to them with some other great women over the past years.  Unfortunately, life has changed our paths and we haven’t been able to attend together.  That is another story for another day maybe. 

So last year, I asked my mom to go with me and we looked into tickets.  I am kicking myself today that I let that price stop me from going.  I just couldn’t stop thinking about all the ways we could spend that money, and we choose not to go. 


Well, this year, I got the email about this year being the Farewell Tour for Women of Faith and I asked my mom again.

I went online and looked at tickets.  I saw the sign that said CLICK HERE FOR GROUP RATES!!  Ohh… Click HERE!!!   I clicked and I looked it over.  I sent in an email and the sweetest lady sent one back to me.  She then called me. She told me that something new was the Ministry Hold option and I could reserve tickets and then only pay for the ones that I needed.  So I said ok, sign me up for 10.  Well, she said, how about 25? 

Uh…. 25?  Do I know 25 women? 

I decided to call a few women that I did know and that I also knew had been to a WOF conference before.   They all said that they would love to and so I jumped in and reserved 25.  I had about 2 weeks to “sell” the tickets.  At the end of the 2 weeks, I had 30 women besides my mom and I that wanted tickets.  I was pretty excited about that. 

Originally, all I wanted was to get that group rate for my tickets, but I also ended up excited that so many other women wanted to go with us and attend the event. 

In the end, I had to call and order more tickets with the total in our group being 38!!  Woo!  I had even more ladies call the week of!  They got tickets, just not with us. 

I also saw how excited these women were to go and get rejuvenated.   Breath in some new life and take it back home and feed that new life to their families.  To their relationships.    It was an awesome feeling.

One of the reasons that I love going to these events and getting that rejuvenation.  The first time I went, I was so struck by how real these women were being.  How honest. 

She just got up there and told 5000+ women about that?  Wow… we do not do that.  Do we?     We don’t.  We hide things.  We all do.  We hide how hurt we are.  We hide how we feel about what’s going on in our life, trying to put out this perfect show.  Why? 

Why can’t we be transparent and honest.  We should be real for each other every single day.  Not make each other feel like it’s a competition to have the cleanest house, the fanciest car, the most talented kids.  We really need to be there for each other and say, hey, been there.  You’ll be fine. 

women of faith

I stole this photo from Women of Faith – we were in it, so I can steal it right? 


I stood in line waiting to get my lunch on Saturday.  There was probably 50 people in front of me.  And when I looked back maybe twice that waiting behind me.  We all got through and we all ate.  We were just fine.  But there was a lady behind me.  She called home to her husband who was obviously keeping her kids.  I only heard her side of the conversation:

“What happened to my make-up?”

“Well, it’s probably ruined right?”

Well they used my mascara in the toilet, it’s ruined.”

Well, yeah, it’s waterproof mascara – it won’t just wash off.”  

I almost turned around and hugged her to say, “Hey, it’s OK… just let it go.  Buy new mascara on the way home and hug your husband when you get there.”  I didn’t do it, and then it turned ugly.  She started in on him about not watching them good enough.  She remarked about how long the line was.  She remarked about having to wait to hear the band til the very end.  And then when she hung up, she called someone else and said, “ How bad does Grandma want a hamburger?”   And she left the line.

I do not think she was listening to anything that was being said.  However, we all feel this way.  Everyday.  We take it for granted that our husbands let us leave the house alone, and stay with the kids. And sometimes we need something to show us just what we really have.  I pray that she was able to walk away from the day feeling grateful that she had kids and a husband to go home to. 

Listening to the ladies speak, and tell their stories, we can be reminded that we all go through these seasons.  We all have something.  Our stories may be different from each others, but we all have them.  And they all matter.  Sometimes you have too look across the street, or across the room and be thankful for what you have in life, because it’s not always that great for someone else. 


In past years,  I haven’t been so impressed with the dramas that were presented.  This year, they were so spot on, that I loved them just as much as seeing the ladies who spoke their stories.   I tried to find the video of the one that pertains to exactly what I mentioned above, but I couldn’t find it to share. 

I did find this one, and I thought it was just as awesome.  It makes me want to run out to all my struggling moms and say YOUR SACRAFICES MATTER!!  YOU ARE BUILDING SOMETHING SPECIAL!!

The theme of this tour is Loved.  So there are stories of being loved, loving others and how it’s affected  each of them.  It’s also a reunion tour, with 3 of the four original ladies as well as the MAN who started this all.  I didn’t know it was a man!!  Go MAN!!  WHOO! 

I enjoyed listening to their stories.  I enjoyed spending the time with my mom, sharing our own stories and seeing what we learned from the weekend.  Also seeing some fun ladies who I see around town every day. 

It also changed the way I’ve been thinking.  The ruts I’ve been in.  I’m ready to make a change and even tho I may start small, I am ready.  I am rejuvenated, to find my voice, to be myself.  To stop and just appreciate where I am and what I have.  It’s not much, but it is what I am meant to have and where I am meant to be. 

I’ve said this before, and I was reminded of it now – If it’s good enough for God {He gave it to me, put me in this place right now}, it’s good enough for me{I do not need more to make others think I am something else.} 



If  you read it all, thank you so much.   If you would like to go to an event  - visit their site at

Oh, Hello There!!

I do remember you!!  HA HA!!


I honestly never meant for a break this long, but I needed one.  So I apologize. 

Life has been very busy for us.  Weekend after weekend of basketball came to a close with our local tournament.  The Athletic Club Greg is a part of puts on our local tournament and they’ve hired me to organize the teams for the last three years.   I think I have a system down now, but it’s always very interesting. I’ll just leave it at that.  HA!  

You know that song, People are Crazy




Anyway, it’s over and I was so thankful.  RC played his little heart out all weekend.  He threw in a swimming birthday party and some late night playing outside with friends.  By Sunday, we all couldn’t get to bed early enough.  His team ended up 4th.   We also got to watch my cousin’s son play from another town. 


This last weekend I went away with my mom for Women of Faith. I mentioned this before, I’d signed up to get tickets.  I wanted to get the group rate to make it more affordable.  I needed to say I’d take 25 and I did that knowing that I didn’t have to pay for them.  Well, I ended up with over 37 ladies going in our group.  (More asked me but it was too late for me to get them then.)  What an awesome blessing. 


The Women of Faith weekends have always been a great weekend for me, but this year to be able to go with my mom was even better. 


 You need to remember that life isn't perfect and it's unpredictable!


We do not lock our cars at home, so the keys never get taken out.  However, I will remember in the big city from now on. 


In  amongst everything else, our family grew. 


We had been on the look for a puppy and had contacted our local rescue shelter.  They were so over burdened, at one time they had to just ship all their puppies out.  It didn’t work out, so when I saw a litter on the online garage sale site, I knew I needed to jump on it.  (Don’t worry, I did personally know the couple who sold them.) 


So Rylie has been with us a couple weeks now, and life has changed.  We worried about our older dog, Ellie, because she had been trained to fight before she was rescued.  But she seems to know she’s a puppy and that she is just playing.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will see our puppy adventures on there.  I won’t blow up this blog post. 

Lastly, I’ve been mulling a lot of things over lately.  And then I stumbled upon THIS BLOG POST and it very much summed up how I feel right now with life being so crazy and summer coming. 

Retro Rubber Challenge 12

Hey Friends – it’s time for a new challenge over on the Retro Rubber Challenge Blog.


Challenge 12 is an embellishment challenge to use brads. 


Sadly, the weeks are getting me and I haven’t seen any time at the craft table.  I’ve also decided that I’ll be stepping down from the design area  of the team and will just be helping behind the scenes on the Challenge Blog. 

Remember that every other Tuesday a new challenge is posted. 

Easter Road Trip

Hi friends!! 


I hope that you enjoyed your Easter and spent it with family and friends.  We decided at New Years to travel to my brothers house for Easter. 

Talk about planning. 


But we need to plan something when we have enough time.  It’s about a 7 hour drive.

446 miles. 



We traveled through the south eastern tip of Montana that is pretty vast, yet so beautiful.  Sadly, I was driving when I wanted to be taking pictures of just how cool the different parts of MT are. 

Anyway, we enjoyed a few good days at my brothers house.  My SIL and I went junking, we did a little bit to help them out around their place.  We played with my niece and snuggled on my nephew. 


Oh how I miss those days of snuggling them to sleep. 

Yet, I love my nights of full sleep.  Sorry Lindsey!  Winking smile 


Mother nature said that she was going to howl for a couple days and I just didn’t like that we’d be traveling right through it on Monday.  Remember the vastness I talked about before?  Well, that means no one travels that way often.  HA! 

So our trip was cut short, but really it was just awesome!!

0186b24786d6982a59d0d2d898ecb6a4df2b9403a2 0171bc8824d2b2b3dfc4d816c6569e39713d88bec00117428db2f3da57119ae105adef42d9c5acbd144f


A few highlights – since we have been to the Back Hills area before, we tried once before to locate the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis.  We found it quite by accident this weekend and Greg was super happy.  We stopped and went in and checked it out. 

If you aren’t sure why, it’s because Greg used to watch the reality show about this bar during Bike Week. 

They boys also got to attend a Rapid City Rush Hockey game, which will be talked about until the next trip I’m sure! 


The sun is peeking out this morning, so it’s going to be a great day!

Family easter

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