Watch Me Video | Some fun with Splash!

Hi friends!!  I’m back today with a fun lil video featuring some new (to me) products. 

These are the Splash line from A*Muse|Studio.  They are an opaque colored ink that dry with a nice matte finish.  I’ve got a lot of fun ideas for this product line, but I just shared a few in the video below. 



 Or watch on YouTube HERE.


I’d like to work with these a little more and will probably come back later and share some more! 



This fun card uses the diamond and sentiment from Shine Bright, paired with Bermuda Splash!. 



I stamped the hat from Sherlock and the sentiment from It’s No Mystery stamps sets and the Slate Splash!



I didn’t get this card finished, but I will.  Smile  I’ll also be finishing up the card with the cute camper to share later this week.

The sentiment is from Birthday Balloons with Grapefruit Splash! 


All cardstock is from Papertrey Ink.  All A*Muse products can be purchased HERE.

A little Update!!

Hey all - did you enjoy your holiday weekend?  We had a roller coaster of a weekend.  We were busy most of it at Greg's Class Reunion out of town, and came home to sad news that our dear Ellie had passed.


She was older and she was losing her hearing and just recently had some thyroid trouble.  So part of us knew that it was coming, but it's still very sad!!

We will miss her like crazy!! 


Now, grab a cup of something delish and settle in.  We need to talk!

I've struggled a bit lately with where I wanted to go with the blog.  I've been here before, and I'll probably be here again.  It's ok... it's life. 

And it's life that brings me to where I am right now, and what I wanted to share with you all.  I rambled on a bit, but at the end there, I explain where the future of {created by Katie} is going to go. 




Personally, I am happy and feel very content – maybe the most I have in awhile – with where our family is.  I do not like that the kids are growing up!!  STOP THAT WOULD YA!!??  But I feel blessed with our personal life.  I’m also enjoying my job(maybe because I'm on vacation!).  The hours and the schedule are perfect for us.  But more importantly, I guess especially after this year, I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with the kids and foster the relationships with them.   I thank God everyday for putting me there. 

But here is what I’ve struggled with. For a long time, I felt the need to be involved.  I signed  up every little thing that was offered to me to be in.  I felt I needed to be in it, especially if someone asked me.  One day I got a phone call asking me to be the treasurer of Swim Team.  I thought, that can’t be too bad, and I felt the need to help because the boys swam.  A few days later, I was delivered boxes full of everything known to swim team.  Turns out, the treasurer did it ALL.  EVERYTHING!!  And I had no clue what to do.  Even worse, no one wanted to help.  They wanted to dump it off and be done.  Well, duh! 

So when I ended up going to the hospital and they told me my blood pressure was the cause of my ailments, I said that is enough.  I dropped that stuff off for someone else to deal with and I walked away.  

However, getting out of other things wasn’t as easy.  I said, Oh, I’ll keep this one because I do love this.  Or this one is really important and needs help.   But nothing changed.   

I knew where I wanted to be, but I couldn’t bring myself to just say no.  However, this last spring there were multiple things going on.  I’d taken on too much, or they all just collided with each other and were right on top of each other to get done.  I felt the overwhelming feelings again.    And there I was taking down the decorations and the stuff that had been set up for teacher appreciation week…. ALONE. 

I told Greg, I am not doing anything else for anyone else all summer.  I need to make a serious change.
He didn’t believe it. 
He knows me.   
Well, I haven't.  And I plan to keep it that way.  I know that it might come across as selfish.  To not want to be helping others.  But I always get roped in, and always end up feeling stepped on.  I’ve tried not to be so sensitive to this, but it doesn’t work.  Also, I feel that I need to take care of my family first.  I need to re-prioritize really, and it’s not selfish at all.  My family is a full time job on it’s own!! 


 A few weeks again, I sat down and wrote out just what I wanted.  Then I figured out how to get it.  And how to keep myself from getting into anything new. 

So, my goal – on my list I made – is to take care of US.  My little family I've been blessed with.  I started off for the summer, and really, I’ve enjoyed not having to do things outside the home.   The reality is, is that that is enough.  Working, taking care of an active family is enough.   And I’m ready to do what makes me happy.  I’m tired of worrying about what other people think.  I’ve figured it out, they do not think about me.  They have their own issues, and they only think about themselves.  It’s time I do the same. 

I don’t want this to come across as bitter, because I’m not.  I’ve just finally figured out where I want to be.  And this time, I took the time to sit down, pray about it and write it out.    And figure out how I can do the things I really want to do.  Unfortunately, there isn’t time for everything.    And you know what?  Life is short.  Too short to be spent on things that don’t push you in a positive direction. 

I’m ready to head that way – in a positive direction. 

The only way to live. Love this from Joys Hope


For the blog/youtube/etsy, I added a section to my "list" above.  I keep going back to where I want the blog to be and what the content should be.  After praying about all of this, I keep going back to my cards. 

The content of the blog will remain cards and crafty, with a hint of family life.  And maybe a few other things.  Maybe not. 

I won't be posting DAILY and maybe not even weekly, however I do plan to try for a weekly update of some sort.  I'm not going to put any requirements on myself and maybe I can then just enjoy it.  My spare time is rare, but this is what I love.  So I plan to make what I'm doing here a priority over other things that have pulled me away before. 

With that, I hope that my weekly post will include a video of sorts. 

And I also hope to update my etsy shop with some more cards and maybe a few other things.  I'm closing it down for the month of July, as we will be busy and gone some.  I hope to update it and open it back up the first part of August. 


Maybe that was a long winded way to say what I needed, but I wanted to share all of that with you.

NOW - tomorrow I'll be back with a FUN crafty video. 

Thanks for the visit friends!! 


Polka {Dot} of the Day!



Hey there friends!! 

My title is a little joke.  Our local radio station plays the Polka of the Day right before noon every day.  So I’m making the pun work for my card today!

Yes, I have a card  and starting next week, I’ll have EVEN MORE!! 


I found the challenge over at Simon Says Stamp this week was to use Polka Dots.  They are showcasing Art Impressions so it was perfect for me!!



I stamped our the girls from Shop Set, and sat down to color.  It’s been HOT here, but today we got a quick shower and cooled it down some.  But afternoons are perfect times to be in the craft room on hot days.  I added polka dots to all of their clothes and some of their bags. 

I had this polka dot paper in my scrap stash and thought it would go well with this image.  I stamped the sentiment and then created a flag, and finished it with a button and twine.  Below are my Copics used, plus the white gel pen (not shown.) 


Very fun card. 

Thanks for popping in to check it out!!

Around Here

We have been working on projects.  Like lots of projects.  I love it!!!

I cleaned out two kids’ bedrooms.  David is so on his own!! 

RC was gone for the weekend and we texted, Sold your bed!  lol  Well, we sold both his and McKinley’s frames as he wanted a bigger one and she just got a new OLD bed.  (More on that later.)  So while I was at it, we cleaned out closets and got rid of stuff. 

My theory is, if it’s on the same spot as when I purged out last summer, it can go.  No one will miss it. 

One of the places was the costume basket.  I don’t think anyone else will want to be a Gangster.  But my model was doing a good job so I could sell them online.  Winking smile  Yes, she is rocking Barbie skates too! 




Lots of time outside.  LOTS.  I’ve been dragging my projects outside to paint in the sunshine. 

I don’t care where you live, because if you don’t live here, you are wrong.  Just kidding.  But seriously, this is awesome. 




Greg and David left last Friday for basketball.  Saturday I took a load of boys to the basketball camp at the college.  THAT was interesting!!   Then McKinley and I had an afternoon to ourselves to shop and relax. 


My mom and dad were also gone, so we took care of chores for them.  Mom told me to grab some of these flowers.  When I got them in the car, McKinley asked if Grandma said I could.  Winking smile 


I’m so excited that my plants have been doing so well.  Esp the perennials.  Love that!!  This one tho, is a wild flower up on the hill behind our house.  How pretty is that.  Wait, how neat is that!!  lol…  (<---- watch this video HERE to see what I mean!! )


I’ve also been without sugar now since June 1st.  I joined Marta’s 14 day detox.  I started a little early, and I’ve been sticking with it.  I will admit, I did have one piece of SUPER thin pizza from Eugene’s on Thursday.  It was from Eugene’s!! 

However, I’m down about 10 lbs.  It was at 13, but I’ve bounced back to 10 now.  HOW AWESOME!!  So excited to finally have found something I can do.  I thought going without sugar would be hard, but it was super easy.  Sheesh. 

So, now I’m pumped to keep on with it.

Our town has some pretty awesome trails.  On Wednesday nights, they go walk them, and this last week we did 3.25 miles.  It didn’t even hurt.  So I need to get going with it EVERY night. 


My super cute walking partner with the whole way too!


That is summing up our summer so far. 

Today we are back to basketball and then getting ready for Father’s Day tomorrow. 

Have a great weekend!!

Summer School | My Favorite Things Cards

Well, Happy Friday!!  I’m sad another summer week has gone by. 


This week has been busy, and I’ve been thankful for all that we have gotten accomplished around here. 

Yesterday, I finished up some projects and Greg said, “Go play.”  So I did!!  HA!!


This week over on the MFT Stamps Blog, they are sharing some “Summer School” lessons.  They have had some great tips and best of all it’s FREE!!  Seriously, most companies charge for the info they shared this week.  It’s awesome. 

I also wanted to get caught up on Under the Dome before the next season starts.  (My DVR ate the last few episodes last summer, so thank goodness for Amazon Prime.)



I started out with the Rules of Thirds. 

I used the BluePrints dies on this card to create the stitched border on the kraft and then on the flag. (I did trim it down to a skinnier version.)   The sentiment is from   Words of Inspirations  and the flowers are from the Hibiscus Dies.  (Maybe retired…maybe not MFT.)




For this one, I went with the Focal Point.  I used the strip that, to me, looks like washi tape, and die cut a rainbow of colors.   Then I added the black circle to make the sentiment pop.  And I had to color the words too.  This one is a fun card, I think would be awesome to recreate. 



Finally, I stepped away from the classes and went to the challenge for this week.  I pulled out my loved Donut Set and got busy.  I used the polka dot stencil and the Inside and Out Stitched rectangle dies for this one too. 





Thanks for stopping in. 

Art Impressions Cards

Oh Friends, summer is eating my brain.  Or maybe the lack of sugar! 


I posted THIS POST yesterday with my video for my AI haul and a cute card.  But I didn’t post the card or the others ones I made, like planed. 

So here they are. 


This is the fun card seen in the video.  I decided it could got to my uncle for his birthday. 

Rectangle die and speech bubble are both from My Favorite Things.  Papers are from Stampin Up!





This is the Fire Out Set, with this super fun lil lady.  June is birthday month for us, so these images are all perfect.  Even tho my dear friend looks NOTHING like this, I sent this card to her.  I thought it was fun.  And she will too!!



I put the lady on one of the AI wobblers. So she’s moving and grooving!!

Overall, the card is simple.  Ran the cardstock through the BS with the embossing folder.  Cut some circles.  Added some bling.






I briefly showed this card in the video as well.  I had to bust into it as soon as I got it!!  This is Cat Big Mouth. 


So there are the first three cards made with these images.  More to come. 


We are cleaning and purging this week at our house.  RC comes home today from basketball camp.  And tonight is stamp club night.  Otherwise NOTHING on the agenda.  I am so giddy!!

Have a great Tuesday!!

Art Impressions | Watch Me Video Series

Hey friends!!   I have a CARD MAKING VIDEO for you today!! 

Don’t fall off your seats!!  I know it!!


I have been offered a Guest Design Team spot with Art Impressions, so I thought I would share with you some of the recent goodies I got from Art Impressions and then just make a card!! 

Enjoy -


You can also watch HERE on YouTube. 

I've not listed any supplies as the papers I used were from Stampin Up!'s Sale A Bration.  Please message me if you are curious about anything else. Thanks!!

 Like a goof, I forgot to add the cards I made to this post.  CHECK THEM OUT HERE!! 

New Art Impressions Stamps. You can click on these to purchase from Art Impressions. 


The Margarita Table | Plus more projects

Welcome back friends!! 

So last week, I stopped into the local hardware store and said I have a project.  The clerk just smiled at me.  And then she helped me find some things for another project.  HA!! 


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll note I posted a sneak peek at the Margarita Table. 

I picked this table up last summer on the online garage sale.  (that place is a killer!!)  I think I paid $10 and I immediately dubbed it that margarita table, because I knew I wanted it on the back deck and to sit around drinking margaritas with my friends. 


I had some very fun ideas for it.  I had wanted to test out some milk paint, but never got around to it. 

I even wanted to try this technique from Beth at Sawdust and Embryos, but I tested it out and I thought “I do not have the patience right now.” 

Learn how to make beautiful artwork on your furniture using wood stain... IT'S EASIER THAN IT LOOKS! {Sawdust and Embryos}



However, I did like it, so I thought about staining a simple design.  That didn’t work as the stain really bled.  So I stained the whole top and painted the design on with some white paint. 


I am so excited to use this table. 




I painted these metal folding chairs a couple weeks ago.  I thought I had more, but only 4 showed up when I sent David for them.  Anyway, I am hoping to get a full rainbow of chairs for out back here. 


I also picked up some chalk paint when we were out of town.  This is from Target, and I thought I’d start with it to test it out.  I pulled out these three jars that McKinley had full of rocks out back anyway.   I painted them, and then sanded a bit.  Then I drug out the twine and hot glue gun and added it just around the rim. 





I die cut some felt flowers, using the rolled flower dies from MFT.  Then hot glued them on as well.  Super simple and a fun addition to the table. 

Before After Table

OK, I’m off to enjoy a margarita.  Or two. 

Something Worth Pinning | Totally Random

Hey you!! 


Are you enjoying summer to the fullest!?  This week is pretty quiet as far as outside commitments, so I am soaking it up!  This is what summer is about baby!!


I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been pinning lately. 


I would love to build a farmhouse table.  For our Farm House.   I think having built it myself would be a great accomplishment. 

Farmhouse Table | Do It Yourself Home Projects from Ana White





One more from the fabulous Ana White.  I think this would be awesome next to McKinley’s bed. 


 Kendra Side Table | Do It Yourself Home Projects from Ana White


Greg & I are Sugar Detoxing this week with Marta at Haus of Fit Girls.  I could eat avacados every day for the rest of my life.  But I do need to spice them up. 




Here is another one.  I love tacos.  Minus the cheese, add some avocado.  Winking smile  Yum!!

#Eat #Clean with these #taco #lettuce #wraps!



Um, yes.  I truly do.  I’ve got more to share with you on this I think. 


I love this. We should all help each other to be better!


Do you think that Greg would let me make our room like this?  Oh it’s lovely!!  Maybe McKinley would.  That might work out for me better. 


#girls-bedroom Photography: White Loft Studio - Read More:




I have a hosier cabinet that looks like this. 

Well, it is the same style.  It does not look like THIS.  Yet. 

It is on my to-do list. 

I love this Hoosier Cabinet....with all the vintage Pyrex! Dreaming here! This is a great idea for mine that I am waiting to paint!



This project is like THUNK on the head simple. 

Like Duh? 

I know some people with plexi-glass.  And I have some stickers. 

Make your own interchangable acrylic message board and leave yourself short, inspirational messages or use it as a perpetual calendar. Get the full tutorial on www.abeautifulmess







Totally random right?

These are what is fueling me right now.  I want to be in the garage building things.  Painting things.  Enjoying life. 


Thanks for the visit friend – stop back again soon!!

Around the Craft Room

Hello Friends!

I am writing out my to do list for this week, but I wanted to pop on quickly. 

The last couple weeks were a bit rainy off and on, so I used some time in my craft room to check a few things off that to do list.  I really love to get the room cleaned up for summer.  Make an area for McKinley to find useful too. 

I think that my room is ever evolving as I find what works best for me.  Most of what I do in here is cards, Project Life and Sewing.  So when the mood strikes, I do want my table cleaned off so that I can sit down to do what I want, instead of using that time cleaning up the last projects.  I’m crazy like that. 





I set up an area right off my table for my everyday stuff.  These are the things I use the most in my room. 

I am in the mood to paint these cabinets again.  I am thinking about some pretty patterned paper on the fronts and paint the bases a solid color. 

And I’m also in the mood to paint the walls in here a blue color. 


Oh my……



In the top drawer, I have my dies and embossing folders for my Big Shot. 

The right side holds my Embossing folders as well as some dies that I have from Stampin Up, which already come packaged awesomely.  On the left is the rest of my dies for my Big Shot. 

I’ve shared how I previously stored them HERE, and that worked for me until recently. 

I purchased some Storage Envelopes and some magnetic sheets from Ellen Hutson.


I now have all of my dies contained to one of these Stampin Up boxes. 

Side note, I love these boxes and have had for years, but this year they are retiring them.  Boo.  I couldn’t get any more, so I may have to change if my collections grows anymore. 


I am super happy with this transition, as it’s going to keep things much more organized for my dies.


On the con side, the magnetic sheets are not as tall as the packaging, so there is some wasted space there.  I wish that either the magnetic sheets were bigger( more dies on them) or the envelopes were smaller (I could put the lid on this box if I wanted to.)  However, all of these are just fine with my.  Just thought I would share for your information. 



My long border dies do fit in here, so that is a great bonus to the envelopes being so big. 

It’s also hard to see, but I have dies on both sides of the magnetic sheet. 


I already had some magnetic sheets that I put some dies on.  I just used them up as well, and put them in the envelopes. 



One bonus to these boxes is that tray that lays in the bottom.  It is a nice divider to help keep them from floating all over in the box.


So there is a little peek in my room.  I’ve created three birthday cards this last week and mailed them all without photographing them.  Smile  Sorry, not sorry. 

I am hoping this week to get some projects done in the garage.  Pinterest has been calling me and I’m ready to use that inspiration!!